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This template is used to add Text to the bottom left of an image.


{{Inum|<image>|<text>|<image size>|<link>|<style>|color=<text color>|shadow=<shadow color>}}
  • Parameter 1 (image) - Required. The name of the image without the extension ex. CC, Minami Rena
  • Parameter 2 (text) - Required. The text that will appear in the bottom left of the image. ex. 1234, Max
  • Parameter 3 (image size) - Optional. The size of the picture. It's preset value is 50px. ex. 40px, 100px
  • Parameter 4 (link) - Optional. The page to which the image is linked. The value of parameter 1 (image) will be applied if omitted.
  • Parameter 5 (style) - Optional. Styling to add to the text. ex. font-size:2em;
  • color - Optional. The color of text. ex. color=blue
  • shadow - Optional. The color of text shadow. ex. shadow=blue


{{Inum|Aqua Orb +|3}} results in:

Aqua Orb +

{{Inum|Minami Rena|lvl80|75px|color=black|shadow=white}} results in:

Minami Rena
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