Area Mission Defeat the Boss! 20 x Magia Stone.png
Difficulty AP CC Master EXP Magical girl EXP Bond EXP Max. turns
99 10 500 80 30 50 8
Enemies Name Type Health Quantity
Wave 1 / 1 Corbeau.png Corbeau AttributeIcon Dark.png 2000000 1
Missions Clear Clear within 8 turns Clear within 1 Wave
Magia Stone.png
Supporting Magical Girls
Lv 80x
Lv 1x
Memoria 1171 s.png
Lv 80x
Riz Hawkwood.png
Lv 1x
Memoria 1171 s.png
Possible drops Saint's Medal.png
Required Memoria to win Effect How to get the Memoria
Memoria 1175 s.png Grants a massive boost to Melissa de Vignolles during the final boss battle. Buy it from the event shop! You need to defeat all of the prior bosses.
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