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    Well I Got Tart

    Got Amane, Miki and Tart all with Tickets. Still got 1600 stones untouched.

    Why is it so hard to lvl and awaken in this game.

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    • Yay, that was crazy lucky, given how I wasn't even playing the game ever since getting the freebie in the summer event and had basically nothing to roll with. I guess sometimes things like this do happen...

      And wow! Nice lineup! I've got a pretty similar one on NA, just swap Ren with Konoha and add Rena, but I've got only 1400 gems and a hand full of tickets left. Had to hit the pity counter on the Tsukuyo banner and now the Tart banner, as well as getting Madoka and the Konoha spook on 98 and 99 rolls each, so I'm burning through my reserves quite fast.

      And yes... aside from Tsuruno I haven't awakened anyone yet... no time and patience for farming. I guess it's so frustrating to make up for how easy it is to create a truly great team with low-rarity girls. On the bright side: At a certain point you've got enough stuff stored up to just breeze through that process, at least it was like that on JP. Then again... the haste with which NA hurries through events leaves you no time to do anything.

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    • Well I'm out of Gems, books, orbs and I accidently used my last 3 Rainbow orbs on Ren instead of Madoka to Awaken her. my bad. I really wanted Kyoko Fiesty Red heads are my fav, but her Banner went by so fast.

      Also is it me or are the exchange rates ridiculous for just 1 copy of an item compared to the drops.

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    • Hey my friend can you laugh at me and call me stupid. So remeber how i said I had around 1800 stones. Well I kinda really liked Riz (Boobs/Middrif) so I made it to 99/100. Just to let you know i got her on the 100 so i guess its guaranteed rate up or did i just get .6% proc..... All my holy Mami stones gone(ToT) At least i didnt have to do another 250 to get the proc like alot of other games. I blame Merlin for this.

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    • Well you got her, so no harm in that.^^ And given that I needed 100 rolls to get Jeanne, I'm kinda in a similar position. If I wanted to try for Liz, I'd have to pray for 30 more rolls to fall from the sky within the next 4 days. XD

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    • Well for games like this i generally hold off on collecting/completing quests so i got enough from those to get my last 2 rolls now im broke. And its not like i secretly have 956 sq fragments = 138sq in FGO nope don't have those stored away.

      Also she is limited right and that summon animation, that 2 sec clip at the end is worth it i guess.

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    • Yo mate I got a Q for ya, I nvr played the Jap ver so I don't know what it means. So I logged in today and saw that the main story banner was at 80/100. I never summoned on that Banner, so did the free Madoka Birthday Summons count towards that or is it just a glitch that I should take advantage of.

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    • Yes, the 80 rolls counted towards the general gacha. And no, I couldn't tell about that from JP both because I hadn't played it at this time yet on JP and because I think they never gave free rolls for Madoka's birthday. I think they are desperately trying to keep players engaged, which... is a bit troubling concerning the game's future.

      Also: Tough luck not getting anything. Me... nearly as well. In my very last roll however I managed to get Momoko.

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    • Well it could also mean there trying to play catchup and just giving them as a means to roll. But Im not really an optimistic kinda guy.  Also is it premanent or will it lower after a fixed amount of time. Just so I know cause I have enough single tix to go fo it.

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    • As far as I know the regular gacha never resets ever, so don't worry.

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    • Sweet thx I'll do it when Holy Mami is in the pool by then It should have more girls, even tho I only got 3 from thr.

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    • Eh... just for your information, the regular gacha never contains limited characters.

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    • Ya I know. What I meant was by the time she gets here, I plan to spend everything In hopes to get her then spend the last 10 now(I used 10 tix) on it to get another char. Also by that time more Magical girls will be added to the pool so less likely to get Mami, Tsukuyo, Saya, Madoka & Ren. Cause as it stands I have 5/13 chance to get someone I already got, tho with my luck I'll deff get a dupe.

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    • Yo so I had a theory and well 2/2 so far. So remember how I got Tsukuyo from the free tickets, well I think it was from the guaranteed story cause I just got Karin from it. Should of saved it for Kyoko dope. So just a heads up if ya ever reach 90 on story to save for a rate up story girl.

      Or I could be wrong and its a troll on me.

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    • Well thats it for Madoka for me. Played in the morning ran out of BP and stamina so i closed the game. Hours later I got this

      Only applications downloaded from the Google Play Store can be used. Which is weired cause i opened it throgh GP store so WTF. I play on Blue stacks and it was fine in the morning so WHY?

      Turns out Its Bluestacks I updated it and now its BSing me. FFS I hate BlueStacks. I might have to do account recovery. If ya could send me a pic of my account cause i don't have password always meant to do it but didn't. my ingame name is Taizo i think.... should have Karin in pic..

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    • Ugh... too bad to hear. And you really have not made a recovery code? I can't remember how often I had to use it, so really there is no reason not to. Especially since unlike FGO you don't have to make a new one each time you use it (which could potentially blow up in your face when it turns out you can't enter the game to make it).

      Mmh... you are not in my friend list, so I had to resort to the search function. Here is what I found:


      Is that you?

      And sorry I didn't find a way to send some kind of PM in here.

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    • Yup thats it thx man. I sent them an email so this will help. But ya I always meant to setup the code but everything was easy and always forgot to or maybe i did and just forgot i really don't remember.

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    • yo heres what they sent, if you or anyone you know loses thr account.

      We will consider your request for data recovery.

      However, we will need to verify your ownership. Please fill out the form below and send it back to us.

      * We apologize if you have already provided certain information in your previous message. * If you are unsure of any items below, please write "unknown".

      - Player Name: - Player ID: - Transfer ID: - Rank: - Device last played with: (Ex. iPhone6, ASUS Zenfone 4, SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 edge, Huawei P20 lite, etc.) - First download date (MM/DD/YYYY): - Last log-in date (MM/DD/YYYY): - Magical Girls in Mirrors Party (Maximum of five): - Number of Magia Stones you have: - Amount of Magia Stones & date of purchase: * If you purchased using an Android device, please include your order number that starts with "GPA." (Ex. GPA.1234-5678-9012-34567)

      * Please note that it may take a long time to investigate the matter, and it may be difficult to solve any issue if you are unable to provide specific information.

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    • Man are they trolling or what. After everything i sent adn Pics they still ask me for stuff I answered already.

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Regarding your inquiry, upon investigation, we were not able to identify your account with the information you provided due to certain items being missing.

      We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but please answer the items below as accurately as you can.

      • If you are unsure of any items below, please write "unknown".

      - Last Fate Weave date:
      - Magical Girls drawn in last Fate Weave:
      - Main Story progress (Chapter x Episode x Battle x):
      - Last Mirrors Battle date:
      - Result of last Mirrors Battle:
      - Total amount spent on purchases in the latest month from the last play day:
      - Last Quest Party formation set:
      - Provide at least two Quest Party names (if set):

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    • Well my friend in spite of me providing tons of proof and even fing pictures doesn't look like I'll get my account back.

      " Regarding your request for data recovery, we are not able to send your transfer information at the moment. Please note that we can only do so after a thorough investigation in order to ensure that recovered accounts are provided to their rightful owners. "

      Cause and Fing picture of past and present plus info that only I can know Like the oreder and that I got Karin through the 100/100 pull plus more is not enough. Then they ask me to provide the same info I told them + more. Like Im supposed to remember the Last quest Party I used when the event IS PVP based. I don't remember the exact part Im on for Another story I do that w/e I fell like it. Well it was fun while it lasted.

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    • Too bad it didn't work out. On the other hand I can totally understand why they have to keep asking, given how many players post about their rolls and have their ID information public. They have to make sure you aren't trying to steal someone's account.

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    • Ya but I answered and even showed proof. The old pic I poste to ya. I time stamped it and everything. I even said stuff thats not Public but it wasnt on the list, so It doesnt count? The biggest thing is the Last login clrearly the account hasn't been login cause I cant Login. I did this with another game account, gave them less info and still got my account back.

      Man I hated the Halloween event I hate PVP I just wanted the cotume for  Kyouko.

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    • Well I got My account back. It looks like they manually viewed it to which makes it worse. I gace them all that info and I was accutally right, tho i did f up my support list. I planned to put Karin in I said she was 60 but she was 51, thats all I got wrong.

      My guess is they had the account and sat on it for a week waiting for someone to login or email them. I emailed them yesterday asking how much longer and they just gave it to me...No Halloween Outfit for me (T T)

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    • If it's any consolation: You mostly just missed not being able to finish the Mitama even anyway because of a severe bug that caused everyone to have an empty support list and the only thing we got for our trouble was a couple AP potions.

      Also... just in my personal opinion, the Halloween costumes in the first year's Halloween event are absolutely hideous. And you will likely get them anyway in some anniversary event where they give out all previous costumes through gacha tickets.

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    • Well I like Sakura and werewolves so it was a want for me. Good to know I get another chance at it.

      Tho one weird thing is, I haven't gotten my daliy login to pop up or claim it.

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    • Ya well you got Ishtar but but but ya.
      How do ya like that huh. No they are not fully Awakened and I get stompted on In mirriors, I do like 800-4000 dmg while they do 11k but ya.
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    • Hey, but at least you got a lot of them to lvl. 100. If I roll someone new they usually stay rotting in the backline for quite some time.

      And when it comes to bragging about rolls... Mmh... I don't want to look too pompous despite being F2P myself. I don't have your Karin, Liz and Ren yet. But instead I have Suzune, Momoko, Rena, Konoha and now Nanoha (though I only got her through pity counter). Since I still have 130 rolls lying around I'm going to try my luck with Fate as well. Let's see how this is going.

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    • Well Karin was pity roll just like Liz, It just happened to be her Banner so If I did Hao's I would of gotten her instead. Should of saved it for when someone I wanted was up, but a lesson for next time. I wish Fate was after Mami but ya Im gonna roll for her a bit, got about 2200 gems save would of had more If I didn;t lose my account. And Lvling them is easy awakening them is "another story"......the mats in this game don't drop and ya need to exchange them when they cost so much.

      All I wanted was Ishtar since Day 1....(T  T)

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    • ......I went to pity and got Mami.......................................................I didn;t know that was possiable.....................(T  T)

      what a waste had I Known I would of stopped ffs. I guess this means Rate up a lie.

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    • Yeah, that sometimes happens. But hey, it could be worse! Mami is at least very useful and a memoria slot more has a chance of making her a tiny bit less fragile.

      When it comes to my pull... I... guess I can't really complain:

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    • O FFS. I needed a Fire too Y wasnt It sakura at least. Now I don't have enough for Holy Mami and hell I could Miss the 60% chance again. I only got 12k left not sure whaty to do.

      It seems after switching to Nox not only has perfomance dropped but also my luck with this game.

      I mean Im just getting destoyed in this event, all my girls are lvl100 and I have a hard time with Normal diff, f Hard man WTH.

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    • Yeah, I had to try those hard quests a few times myself. That evading single Shizuku and Magia spamming twins wrecked me on hard difficulty, until I built a new Magia team for the first one and cheesed through with double Yachiyo on the latter.

      And next comes the Howa Howa event... damn it, that was pretty much the hardest event I faced back when I started last year. Though granted, that was with just Sayaka as my only 5-star. Maybe I can now have my revenge...

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    • I just skipped them much like my Mirror runs I do like 1k dmg to them.

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    • Ya your right this event sucks. I fin story and onto CQ. I didn't even use that many revives till i beat it, just to heal them for the new quests. The upside of having lvl 100 shit tone of health.

      You think after this will be Holy Mami or closer to end of DEC. Don't got alot after the flop of Fate. I mean I don't really need her now that I got Mami x2 do I.

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    • I barely played anything because I'm suffocating in work right now, so... the challenge quests are not my problem yet. XD Especially because no, I don't have many lvl 100 characters because I suck at raising my characters. Still, while hard I still found the event a lot of fun, because the health getting carried over is the closest thing we ever get to grief seeds mechanically mattering in-game.

      And... mmh, looking at the JP schedule it looks like we may be able to squeeze one more event in between before Holy Mami arrives. Especially with the usual NA schedule. Possibly the Meru and Kanae event, though I also wouldn't put it past them to make a surprise attack with Rumor Tsuruno given that this would more or less fit with the story where we currently are. Insane that we already covering events from June 2018...

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    • Lol thats why I play on emulator, play it in the background on second monitor while i do stuff on the main.  Tho Nox ain't that great for this game for w/e reason, I can't select stuff it just press and hold so I look instead of set. Worked fin on Blue untill it updated.

      And ya I asked cause I know there rushing things. At least I can get more stones, at 15k. The only thing I would hate would be the Bokomonogatari cross over, cause after HMami everything goes to that.

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    • I spent 15 tix, 1 10 Fate tix, 500 stones = four 4* three 4* Memoria not one was a fing X-mas one and only got  one 3* X-mas from all those rolls.

      Thought she was light.

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    • Hey, you got Jehova's witnesses Mami without even coming close to the pity pull! Congrats!

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    • Ya got 11k left, but still gonna complain about the no memoria BS. I keep getting the same fing Memoria, UnwLight, SwornP, the Ren one and the Sheild along with Saya's. I can MLB half of them. I wont tho cause of the fing Lag, man I can't belive i miss Bluestacks. I cant even watch the animation for her it lags so hard.

      The other downside is the outfits cause I only got 1 tix I can get 2 at most, but 1 is a girl I don't own ad the other two I don't even like. It just seems awaste to get Rainbow orb.

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    • Ah... crap... I tried rolling for her as well, but got spooked by Madoka about 25 rolls in. Well, I still have enough rolls left for a second attempt... that I'll do on the weekend.^^ Let's see how that one goes.

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    • Did you atleast get the Memoria, i just kept getting nothing. Ahhhhhh yes the Madoka spook......Ai (T  T)

      And how do you have so much stones if ya keep rolling like that. Mind you, you get alot from this game unlike FGO. I know i wasted alot on Fate...... Gonna save from now till the Bakemonogatari Muhahahahahahaha gotta get me my Kiss Shot.

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    • I actually got three of the 3*-Memoria, so yes, I've got the costumes at least (not that they won't give you a chance at the costumes in several later events anyway).

      In regards to my stones... I'm surprised myself.^^ But I guess that's the advantage from rolling only for limited characters and stopping the moment you get one or get spooked and are unable to reach the pity counter with the rest. I after having to use the pity counter for Nanoha I got Fate pretty easily and skipped on the Mayu gacha because she is unlimited. For that reason I entered this event with 160 rolls (and surely am about to get more thanks to the event rewards). Having to make a second attempt at Holy Mami of course hurts because it means that I likely have to skip on New Years Madoka to keep my resources to myself.

      And yes, this situation is the polar opposite to FGO. There I have about 3SQ and no tickets right now, meaning that rolling on the Ereshkigal banner is out of the question. Then again, I also can't exactly play the new chapter because I have no time whatsoever, so the usual source of income is out of my reach as well. Yeah, in FGO I'm basically just logging in and rolling and doing nothing more. XD

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    • No words.......

      My free daily

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    • If it is any consolation for you: I failed to get Holy Mami. When I got another 4-star CE on my free friend roll I thought luck is on my side, despite the next 70 rolls I did telling me otherwise.

      Then I got spooked by Karin.

      Which I'm not even mad about because she is great and carried my Accele teams on JP for a long time.

      But yes, with this I'm below 100 rolls and therefore give up on Holy Mami. For this time at least. Thankfully she returns a few more times. At least this way I'm having enough rolls to certainly make an attempt at rolling Haregi Madoka.

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    • Wow I guess your Nov luck is over huh. Still you got alot i can't even net a 3* Memoria let alone the 4*. I forgot New years Madoka is supposed to be really good ain't she, might dump the last 4 rolls on her just to see.

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    • Lmao! I haven't even finished the story of this event yet and they are already shoving in the Holy Alina Christmas event next! I think think this is the moment where people are getting whiplash from this frantic speed!

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    • hahahah man if you want whiplash you should of played valkyrie profile anatomia, 6 events at once. The reason I dropped it, it made farming immpossiable, that and i went broke trying to get Hesita from the collab (Got Blondey) just to have another collab a week later and had no gems to summon.

      This ain't so bad tho i wish had more time to farm events. I have  like 106 hats from 10 CQs and complete story. Only bought 3 things from the shop. That and like a dead week or two for story, they seem to want to drop story 2 eps at a time to comp.

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    • Lol Did you do the Survey, I forgot to complain about Drop Rate and Shop Costs, not like they gonna change that anyway. Just mentioned the auto battle mirrors so I could lose faster.

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    • Yeah, granted I just complained about the event speed and the rather weak main story. But you are right, shop costs are a similar issue. Drop rates I can't even care about because I don't get to farming.^^

      Btw, I'm an idiot who went against his usual policy of waiting a bit until rolling because I was sick in bed the whole day. So I went for Holy Alina and actually got her... but not until reaching the pity counter, meaning I'm now down to 20 rolls and therefore have nothing for New Years Madoka and whatever insanity they have in store for us next.

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    • Well at least you got her you hit that sweet 60% pity........ I really got no luck. I also told them to slow down and give us a dead week to do story and Episodes for girls I got like 44 in the Magical girls section I mean how we supposed to do that and events, still not as bad as VPA. I don't know if I should go for Madoka I might just cause she is supposed to be good.

      Any way get better, everyone in my family is sick but me so........

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    • Well got Holy Mami stopping at 11tix and a Multi for Erseh So... my luck clearly went else where.

      Got a bunch of X-mas SSR in this Game so Merry Christmas.

      Merry X-mas

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    • Wait, you got Ereshkigal? You sure phrased it as if...

      In my case I've been slightly more lucky. I also had no more than 15 or 16 rolls, but got one of each event CE, a Kiritsugu spook and this morning was unexpectedly graced by Gilgamesh Caster. I now wonder whether I should scrounge together a few more SQ till Medusa Lily's single rate-up and try my luck there, given how I seem to attract 4-star Servants right now. It's not like I have anything better to do, given that I can still only talk through whispering... -.-

      And... eh... Merry Christmas to you. Though I should note that random inappropriately dressed Anime girls aren't exactly something that evokes more than an eye-roll in me. My annoyance about the industry setting weird priorities that harm the storytelling is mainly why I'm having such a hard time not ranting about everything wrong with the Fate franchise.

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    • Nah Didn't get her tried just got ECE. This game Is  Senran Kagura, thr was a stepup Banner got alot of X-mas SSR (The Ribbon outfit) from it. I pulled 3 Xmas Inculding the Banner Outfit, this game lets you Dress up the Girls.

      Meh as a Man I take My Fan Service where I can Cause the Industry Is Desrtoying everything GIRL, at least we still got Japan.(This game Is all in JP)

      Plus I have a Very NSWF ver I can do from DOAVV, cause of awsome Nmods lol.

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    • Ugg remeber when I said everyone in my family is sick but me......... woke up with the sniffles, its turning into congestion and sore throat. And I didn't make my Gingerbread cookies yet cause they were sick aww man. Was gonna do it this Sat. (T  T)

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    • Then I wish you a swift recovery! And a faster one like mine... I am already at a whole week without voice and it sucks, especially since my work kinda depends on it...

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    • Funny thing is went to the doctor yesterday after not sleeping a whole night, Dotor told me Your not fully sick its just the beginng of a viral infection. Come back when/if it gets worse, no meds.

      Anyway I feel a buit better but still a little congested, but I still got a small fever which make me feel hot. Still yesterday was way worse.

      Well I hope you get better too.

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    • MMMM still sick but made my Gingerbreadman yesterday. Cause the molasses brand I normaly use is gone now, which sucks cause it was the perfect balance. Next year I gotta figure out the balance cause It just tastes like molasses.

      Anyway I hope you X-mas is better i hat X-mas.

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    • Too bad to hear that you are still sick. I'm nearly healthy at the moment, so at least I've got that.

      When it comes to my Christmas... well, I'm glad about some relaxing time.^^ Got to tidy up my desk, finally continuing my fanfics and next to that started playing Elite: Dangerous because I had some craving for a space sim. This week is good.^^

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    • Well The congestion is nerly gone (mostly lotta phlegm), the fever is still thr and Im just swezating it out it seems, Doc did say it would be like the flu. Even Still Im more together. I was so light headed thet during the CQ I saw LAtler had 2 tics awya from NP she had 3000 ish HP left, I was Like wel i hit her she will NP, So what do I do I attack her then I was Like Hey hod that happen she can't do that. Plus I kid you not I had the wiki page open and was reading it As I did it. Hell apperenly I couldn't remember a conversation I had the day before.

      I don't think Im contagious anymore I hope not Family coming over tonight. Any way glad your better hope you get Madoka with a Fate Ticket.

      Edit just logged in the X-mas event is over huh. The Bait Banner my Sakura 1/4 chance........

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    • Siggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      I go from this to pity. I new the risks 1/4 chance but still. Could be worse could of got Karin again.(or would that of been better)

      This was a 1 time Free Roll


      Not Sakura

      What should I do with the 8 tickets. I already got the rainbow orbs and 1 copy of the Memoria. I don't use Glasses and have all the other memoria, pretty poor atm.

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    • Just how many dumb phone games do you play again? I already feel like I'm wasting too much time with playing Magireco and logging in once a day in FGO NA...

      But anyway... Well, congratz to Momoko, despite the frustrations. Though I should ask why you even bother rolling in this banner when next year's limited gacha's will be absolute hell for us F2P players. Gotta save for Madokami starting now.^^

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    • I only play FGO, Madoka, Senran Kagura and Fire emblem heroes, Senran And MAdoka are on Bluestack so I play them in the BG when I do other things that need to be done. FGO and FEH are on my phone, tho I just do the bare min in FEH & when I got no Stamina. This is Dead Or Alive Venus Vacation and its a huge game not a mobile game more Browser with its on launcher. I play it in the mornings like at 6am then don't touch it till 6am the next day. Its got a great (N)Modding community and seems to be where all my LUCK IS.........(>_<). Gotten SSR in 1 tickets, 1 free muti, 1 Multi then another right after etc.

      About tthat I thought it was ultimate Madoka not Yukata Ver. So I was like well I like Sakura WAY MORE and this happened. Sigh I only got 500 gems left now. I really don't plan to summon till Bakemonogatari anyway.

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    • ..........

      6 Ticket


      2nd Multi, Yesterday

      Screenshot 20191231-234910 Fate GO



      $$$$$ alot of coins

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    • Congratz! That seems quite good (though 360 SQ is also more than I ever had saved up during the last years of FGO). I must admit, I also did a 10-roll in the story gacha after getting my free 20 SQ, as well as wasting all the tickets. And... got another Artemis spook. No Caster Gilles. And on FGO JP I also logged in, wasted all the rolls I had and got nothing except Tamamo Cat and that weird grey Assassin thing I can't get the name of, though both I already had.

      I'm also surprised that I somehow got together 93 rolls on Magireco. If I somehow get together 250 gems during the next few days I may try to roll, but at the moment it still looks more like I'm going to sit this one out. We seem to be going such a ludicrous amount of free rolls in the near future that I think this will satisfy my gambling addiction. XD

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    • Well last year cause of Merlin/Ishtar I only had like 200SQ, This year I skipped Ishtar and Eresh just for Hokusai(T T). I did want NP2 but no way now. Luckly I didn't have to dip into my 1176 sq shard stash which is not much honestly. Whats your Orion at Mines NP#(......). I don't count her dbl spook on Okeanos release cause I did get Drake and both were from Tickets, plus she was just added into the pool that day. Check my FGO Page got alot of new servant unlike last year.

      You can try the Tickets in Magia I used my Mirror coins and got them. Was not excpeting her. Tho I went to the page and was like Pick your 4* (OoO) Paid (-_-).

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    • That's a whole lot of shards. Granted, that explains a lot why you seem to have so few Servants for someone who plays for so long (and obviously far more regularly than I do).

      And with that my Orion is NP2. If you scroll up you see I told you when the first one jumped at me. Damn... and that of the story gacha! That roll could as well have been Berserker Cu!

      My 93 rolls I meant after buying all monthly tickets for gems, mirror coins and medals (though I could only buy two of the medal ones because I spent all my medals for my last copy of Homura recently). So I need to get the remaining 200 gems or so from any other source.

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    • Ya cause I'm F2P and got F- Luck, I've skipped alot of Banners and even when I do Roll I blow my load to get like 1 new servant. First ever banner of a certian Lancer from the Shadow Lands... spent 300 ish SQ to get 1! Copy of Liz.....then thr Shuten/round 2/Summer... you get it(T  T). Thats y I cry when ppl say O ya I just strated 6 months ago and I have 9 5*. I really get alot of CEs I got my 2nd copy of BG, Volumen. Instead of Merlin I got Orgin bullet/Kscope/Black Grail/Volumen. I acctually have 2 Banner 5* ECE MLB, Dumplings and Summer Little.

      As fo Orion ya I new you had the one wasn't sure if ya got another thought we both had three lol. T o be fair they carried me threw every CQ(NP3+Tama=Pain). Tho you should really stop rolling on Story man.

      I also hit the wall with free gems in Magia, I maxed Yui and other and stopped gettin gems. Man I really want Sakura Maybe One Day. But ya we get free rolls which is nice. Tend to get SSR from them on oacaasion. Maybe you'll get Lucky.

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    • Haha, I won't stop rolling in the story gacha until I have Caster Gilles! Come on, it can't be so difficult to get a specific 3-star, can it? Then again, so far I have raised Taiga to NP5 and yet didn't get a single Bedevere, Columbus or Caster Cu.

      Mmh... granted, I still have a few gem reserves in my Magireco game left, but I am not too eager to deplete them without good reason.

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    • Ummmmm Roll the white day banner....... All male 3* including locked. that said I couldn't pull a single Taiga in 22 on Lancer Artoria. Just Serenity and Medusa or was it Medea.

        Loading editor
    • Wow I just completed the New Years CQs. I know there was only 10 which is short but they were also pretty easy, guess they just gave it to us huh.

      Also I checked Gilles is in the Da Vinci Rerun event so you can try there.

        Loading editor
    • The New Years CQ are easy because it is one of the earliest events in the game. We jumped back in time there.

      Mmh... You are right, the Da Vinci event actually is a surprisingly soon rate-up for Gilles. I really hadn't put that much thought into this as to look up the next gachas. Might as well try to get him there and have a shot at an Avenger that I won't get anyway. Granted this is also probably because the last Christmas event was the time when I gave up on the game in the JP version.

      In any case. In Magia Record I am going to make myself feel better by blaming you! You talked me into rolling for Madoka and now I have reached the pity counter with another Rena copy being the one to take away all my gems. One more and I start to get Destiny Crystals...

      On the other hand I was mistaken in assuming that my non-existant luck with free rolls continued. Today I got surprised by actually getting a 5-star from it. Though it's also just another Sayaka copy, nothing new and nothing that would greatly boost my teams. Well, on the other hand I just awakened Holy Alina and Nanoha and realized that I'm out of Kyubey coins. So I guess the next event I have no choice but to grind for that.

        Loading editor
    • To be fair I said just use tickets tho. Welcome to well less than 30% club Fate T.T I'm also low on coins leveling Madoka and Momoka + Magia some of my girls cost me shit ton. I'm 100000 coins away from maxing Tart too :p.  Hell if we get 70 free rolls for the Anime then your just 30 away from completing that Rena, how many have you gotten holy fs she loves ya don't she. I just wanted Mami and Sakura keep getting every one but her. Actually does she get a solo rate up soon cause I might get her from the story if she gets a solo rate up like I did with Karin.

      As Some one who has a lvl 100 JAlter mainy cause of Nero Fes......rrrrrrr. I kinda want NP2 but that ain't happening. I would really like a NP2 limited servant Its my dream as a F2P to get two 5* in one roll or NP2 a limited servant. Also I checked for you since you said you wanted Gilles/ Bedevere/Columbus they are in White Day banner to, havent looked that far ahead tho.

      IF its any consolation I just used 150=3 multis + 1 free in Senran Kagura, got the same limited SSR yankee waifu for me. But this time they were in seprate rolls and I also got the Same bunny girl again too.

        Loading editor
    • YOu know I think I got all but 3 from story. Most of them are from dailey Support Points multi. Is it worth MLB them or just hold on to the separately. The only one I MLB is "I wont Stray
      ". And I forgot to buy more copies of As Many Times my bad.
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    • Wow, now that is someone who never used the upgrade button!

      Granted, I myself don't put too much thought into this. I would keep the three "I made friends" memoria seperate to use them on your mirrors team, all the others I'd merge.

        Loading editor
    • Ya thats why I asked, its cropped out but im at 376/400 all of them 3* so I was wondering what to do/which to feed. Its not like FGO were I know whats good whats not to do. Cause I the guy back in 2017 before I found the wiki, merged 2 kscopes together thinking it would make it 85%..........So I thought I'd ask before I did something. Tho I don't know if i got the coins to do this. Thanks tho.

      Edit: AAAAHHHHH So thats how you do 10k dmg in Mirrors....... Ya i just tested it.

        Loading editor
    • Now I know I just woke up but for Real.


      Now I know I shoud of picked Konoha as I only have Sayaka but.....

      I now have 3 Fire(4 if you count Yui), 1 Water,  2 Forest, 3 Dark and 3 Light.

      Who did you pick.

      Edit: I realised I spent all my Fire Gems on Momoka, so I use my all, get Great Succ after I used Max........ Also I need 1 more ribbion and 4 flame plumes? Been farming the slug shoe for nothing out of AP now, wow drop rates suck.

        Loading editor
    • I must, I hadn't expected them to give us the free 4-star so early, but I'm not complaining. And yes, I went for Kyouko as well. To finally get the complete Holy Quintett:

      Holy Quintett

      Mission Accomplished!

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    • LOL, I've never watch the show or movies yet All OG chars now, tho I neglected Megane. I have her at 80 but only 1 copy as I don't use/need her, with 3 other dark and all.

      I need to wait for the weekend or next tuesday for 8 more Fire Orb+, if I exchange them I will lose alot of mirror coins so she'll have to wait and I'll miss the 2xSucc.

      ((My thirst for Kyouko, which led to Momoko, burns my Sakura)).

      PPS. Do you know when the next Water Banner will be I should probably go for that. I'm skipping the Yakumo Banner even tho I missed her first one, I never planned to roll on her anyway. Cause now I gotta get Konoha she the best Water ain't she.

        Loading editor
    • Even though I probably said this already. What the hell are you doing here then? Watch Madoka Magica right now! It is a terrific show far beyond what you are seeing in this game. Heck, it's just 12 episodes and a movie! It's not even that time-consuming.

      Regarding the water banner: I... don't really recommend you to roll for unlimited girls either. Konoha might be a decent healer, but I wouldn't exactly call her the best for any team. I can tell you however that two Yachiyos alone are able to wreck the challenge version of the final boss of this game easily. In any case... the Madokami banner comes soon. Keep your gems save. She's more overpowered than Darc. And THEN comes main timeline Homura who is basically Yachiyo and Mami rolled into one in terms of her connect.

        Loading editor
    • I don't even know why I play was never a huge fan of Magical girls. Maybe it's cause of Mami (love drills) or cause you get to play alot more, unlike fgo that punishes you for playing. I did download the Magia ep1 to watch not sure if I will or not. Will see this season is kinda blah, I saved Vinland from last season to watch it now.

      Ya I plan to try for Ultimate Madoka but she comes out in the Fall doesnt she? Tho the NA girls are on a pretty random huh.

      As For Konoha you said Mayu sucks and I have Sayaka so I don't need Rean plus I know she loves you. I meant cause I'm at 50/100 in story the next time she comes around I could drop some to see if I get her like I did Karin. In every game I play I never roll for unlimited unless they are really good. It the reason I don't have Quetz T.T

      Edit: OO I just got 3 from the CQ so now I need 5 more, how far you in with them I'm at 4 and ya I see that ribbion......

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    • I was and am not a fan of magical girl shows either. Basically my only connection to Madoka Magica was that I knew Urobuchi's work from Fate/Zero and wanted so see what other stories he wrote, so then I watched Madoka and found it pretty good. I made a rewatch together with a friend who saw it for the first time and that was when Magia Record caught my attention, so I was eager to give it a go in the hope to get some more moments with the characters.

      There: Don't watch the Magia Record Anime! Watch Madoka Magica instead! Trust me, the story is really, really good!

      Back to the game: I said Mayu sucks? I... can't remember. I just say everywhere that I severely dislike her story for how she is being blamed for being creeped on by her boss. In gameplay terms she hits hard, but doesn't seem to do much else. I'm also surprised why you say you don't need Rena if you have Sayaka, given that they both serve completely different roles. Sayaka is a tank, Rena is a Magia-spammer. Rena is really good if you build your team around charging up your finishers asap, that's why I like her very much in gameplay. Sayaka unfortunately is hampered by how little tanks are usually worth in this game, despite having a rather cool Magia that makes her virtually unkillable if you time it right. Konoha compared to that just heals with both her Magia and her Connect, which is admittedly very useful, but no game-changer. I think you are pretty much set with what you have.

      I'm pretty much done with the challenge quests as I do them to get my 10 missions per day.^^

        Loading editor
    • IC I do need water dmg tho cause Saya doesn't hit hard but has a ST Magia, thatswhy I said I didn't really want her was going for AOE one. I went threw the lists of Girls not alot huh, they all seem to be Light and Dark girls. Anyway I do plan to save for the Bakemonogatari Collab when ever NA does it, I hope Its later so I can get more gems by then. I guess i'll just wait till the next water bait banner is and hope to not get Sayaka agian.

      I'm 1 CQ away from fin, tho I do have to 3* some, I accidently clicked continue, cause I was spam clicking after my defeat and hit it. I forgot how much gems it cost so Im out w/e now.

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    • But you've got Yachiyo and a whole lot of water freebies. Don't they do the job already?

        Loading editor
    • I ran the 20 node like 20 times just for 5 fing Fire Orb+s used ap potions and everything. Now I need fire gems to lvl her up. I got like 10 of each besides forset and flame.

      And no maybe its cause I played JP browser games before mobile but I never lvl my low stuff, waste of mats and there usless. As for Yachiyo I did Yui first as I didn't have Flame Girls. Yui is 100 while sh

      Took Forever

      e is a 3* I need more mats and coins if I want to do her.
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    • Dude if this keeps up I might end up with another Momoka, I can hope for Rena but with my luck. Have you got anyone from the 7 free pulls.

      Yo I just found out Spook is a bad word In Magia wtf. I wrote "Rena spook needed for Record cast" bad word not prohibited.

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    • There Happy had to use Mirror coins to get the coins for it but Done. Just need more coins to lvl them.

      Also I read the thing its next Saturday and Sunday and then next next Saturday to get to 100/100 so I gotta hope for a water story locked Banner or skip it till there is one.

      Coins the wasting

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    • Well, not sure I would have recommended spending coins given their value, but at least now you are set for the final boss. Seriously! Yachiyo is a beast!

      My own luck however... well, aside that Sayaka dupe I got three free 10-rolls ago I haven't gotten anything... and.. made a really grave mistake on top of that:

      I had a lot of streaks of super successes and thought that I could make an attempt at the Mitama banner despite having barely 40 rolls stored up. And when I rolled I consoled myself with the thought that even if I didn't get Mitama, I at least would get the second costume...

      I didn't get shit. 40 rolls utterly wasted. For absolutely nothing. And then on FGO I tried tediously scrounging together SQ from free quests to make a 10-roll for Gilles on the Da Vinci banner like you said. The result was absolutely worthless as well. A whole bunch of 3-stars and none of them Gilles.

        Loading editor
    • Wow well at least you got Sayaka 7 rolls in and nothing for me to bad It reset tho. Also I use Mirror coins for Tickets and Coins so its not that much of a waste for me, as I only use them for that. I don't even buy the formations, Coins are more valuabe as its 1M for 100. I wonder what Banner is next cause at the end of Jan is the last 2 free rolls. hope its a story girl, other wise I hope its not Mami again.

      As for Gille,s like I said no Taiga for me but wow only in FGO man. There is another shot during the Caldea Boys/White Day Banner, and one more that I can't recall. Hey maybe you can get him during the Zero Rerun, cause I know you aiming for Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Saber) lol.

      PPPS: Like I told Otakon Don't forget about Fujino we both did.

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    • Okay, my luck seemed to have returned for a tiny moment in FGO JP. I had blown there all my quartz on the New Years gachas and didn't get anything. Today I got my 7 days summon ticket, made a friend roll that consisted almost entirely of 3-star CEs, so I shrugged and threw my ticket into the current event gacha... got Li Shuwen Assassin. For a game that I have only of my phone to roll anymore, that's pretty neat.^^

      So afterwards, given that my luck seemed to be already pretty high I went to Magia Record and made my only 10-roll available for Rumor Tsuruno. The result... was not quite as I expected:

      Try at Rumor Tsuruno

      Also: Screw you, Aimi!

        Loading editor
    • Well Gratz I hear Granpa Li Is amazingly good. As for that well I could possible get her to if I do one mutli after sunday, that or the other two but she kinda sucks don't she. Guess its pay back for the NY banner huh. As for Rumor Tsuruno I don't got alot to even try kinda sucks but I did waste alot on Momoko :\

      And I got Kandagawa Jet Girl skins from the Senran Kagura Banner cost me everything. Started great got 1 in the first roll, got the other one from the 4th free multi plus an even better new SSR, so Im happy.  Spent all day today farming tho I focused on shop still need 500 monas for MP. Im at 5000/5000 somthing each sad I know.Was at my grandmas all day to keep her company.

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    • Mh... since I haven't paid much attention to the Servants released after I paused the game, I can't really say. On a first glance on his skills and NP Li Shuwen seems to be a 5-star Ryougi Shiki which does sound rather terrifying.

      Yeah, I also got only a second shot at Rumor Tsuruno... which sucks, because she is easily one of the best early game units, what with being the first natural 3-star that has a 5-star uncap and the ability to buy more copies of her in the medal shop once you've managed to get one. And her next rate-up is in the freaking 2-years anniversary...

      Mitama is quite difficult to make good use of, I know. A pure debuffer with no type advantages and a hefty defense debuff on her healing connect doesn't have much versatility in a game where everything is about killing enemies fast.

        Loading editor
    • 2 years, two years for real my shillz.......I have tix hmmmm.       

      Also This game you get the character as an outfit so its Homura(Love) and Yomi. The only time they actually gave out the character was the DOAXVV where I failed to get Marie T.T  They also did a Fate Cross over but I lost my account and only got it back on the last day. Turned out i tied my account to my G-mail so it wasn't even lost...... I only got Liz BTW no Tama for me.                                                                         

      Edit: well thats 17 tickets wasted Not even a Flame spook... three 3* memoria one was the rate up.

      Edit 2: Used the 5 tix from shop. The lag gave it away before the Flame card showed up. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Last Ticket.

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    • Ah, screw you! I failed with my second ten-pull and am right now busy trying to unlock Yachiyo's doppel in order to get a third. Maybe the gacha luck will smile upon me one last time.

      And your first pictures... Ugh... They look like from a fucking hentai... In fact I am just reminded of why the current moe artstyle with the puffy faces and constant rosy cheeks keeps annoying me. What the hell is wrong with characters looking like fairly normal people? There was recently a promo that the Monogatari people want to make their own Higurashi show. Whether reboot or sequel is not really known, there is just one promo pic of Rena in that fucked up artstyle and I hate it. The artstyle of the second season of DEENs adaptation was perfect. I have no idea why they feel the need to screw around with that. If they make a reboot that looks derpy, they could just as well make animated versions of Ryukishi's own drawings! XD

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    • Well made it to 90/100 I can wait till next week or try with a Fate 10 ticket and see what I get. Could of used my singles If a certian Rumor showed up sooner.

      And To be fair the show aint Moe its more of a Fan service like Senran Kagura. The art is always been like that, its cause its cheaper and easy to do, really has nothing to do with style mate. I did an animation presentation back in college. The mostly did it cause ppl find soft face more atractive but then they realized that it became easy fast and cheap. I don't know how much anime you watch but last seasons Azur Lane is proof that they do it for cheap.

      Its from the same creator he left the Company cause of Sonys BS censorship policies stopped him from making his games the way he wanted.

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    • Last Attempt at Tsuruno

      Good grief, the gacha really loves to have me biting my nails till the last roll.

        Loading editor
    • Well lets hope theres nohting after her that you want........ Anyway I got Sakura to 100 thx to MST. I know what you would say why didn't you do Yachiyo and I say meh I like Sakura more. I got Rumor to 60 but lack the Fire Orb+ to awaken her, used them all on Sakura.

      Edit: Ya im dumb. Just buy them from the Event shop, ya know the one for HER EVENT. But I wont be able to get her to 5* not enough 4/12.

        Loading editor
    • Mmh... doesn't seem like it there is anything too interesting coming up. If we are going after the JP schedule the next event gachas are: Mifuyu (unlimited), Holy Mami (kinda unlikely to be so soon), Kanagi (unlimited), Homura getting her uncap, Bikini Homura (unlikely to be in February XD), Felicia uncap, Bikini Iroha (same as Homura), Madokami (unlikely to be moved from the 1-year anniversary), Kaede uncap, Madogatari crossover (uninteresting), Riko (unlimited), Oriko uncap, Nagisa (unlikely to be moved from Halloween), Ikumi and Ryou (unlimited), Asuka uncap, Nanaka uncap, Main Timeline Homura. It seems we have survived the barrage of limited girls.

      Of all those the only ones I am REALLY interested in are Madokami, Nagisa and Main Timeline Homura. Since withe the exception of Homura those are tied to fixed dates that are still a long way down the road, I think I'm save when it comes to saving gems for the time being. Only Homura could turn into a curveball.

      Also why should I object to you raising Kyouko? She and Yachiyo may have the same playstyle, but that only means in this game that they have great synergy and they are in different elements anyway. Just do whatever you like.^^ Meanwhile I spend my time being broke, given that unlocking Yachiyo's Doppel forced me buy coins in the mirror shop and now I don't have any way of getting them left.

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    • Hey I lov ehte Monogatari stuff there the Ones I really want. I want my Kiss shot. Ya I plan on MadoKami too.

      I still need to decide on who to pick for the SR ticket I got no clue. and Im now at 8000/8000 in pages I want 10k each.

      O and I finnaly got SoC to drop after all that.

      Edit2: After that first Soc drop I got 4 more 1 away from MLB 3 copies FFs game. Anyway finalt total: 10200/10400 somthing.

      Edit3: So ya let me explain. I wanted the collab in FEBH did alot to get the SSR% up and got the one I didn't want in the process. So I rushed the story to get Orbs and got another SSR I already had. Rate up is a fing lie. I'm out of orbs now. But its not over yet So now my sister goes to pull and you get 1 free draw per banner, you can guess what hapened. T.T So I was like I don't want another dark so I to pull using the 10 Fate tix so only 200 wasted. And Ya I guess my theroy is wrong or I missed the 70% chance again. I find it hard due to there being 3 on rate up so Im wrong and every story pity Is always Karin.

      Why Just why.

        Loading editor
    • YO I beat all the CQ now I didn't 3 star the last two. 30% thp is hard. Kinda feel good but know this was some of the easier ones so...

      Also made it to the 40th floor beat Benki but took me 4 tries ran out of Sabers before him lol. Bryn/Tama/Squrtile with some good RNg I won the last three attemps Bryn wouldn't Crit.

      O ya wanted to ask, since my only real Accel girl is Karin do you think I should go for the new Girl Mifuyu. I'll have enough to pity but IDK. I feel I should save, I'll probably throw tickets at it but just don't know.

      Edit: Nevermind checked her profile out and saw what you said so skip her like Kanae. Tho Kanae seems cool.

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    • You sir, have far too much time on your hands! Granted, I myself made a try upon the FGO event and reached floor 16 in one go before I ran out of decent Servants. I thought it would be neat to squeeze a few SQ out of it, but damn it's ridiculously time-consuming and I still have a lot of shit to do that I didn't because I wasted it on it. Thankfully I am long done with the Magia Record event, so I can leave this game for the time being.

      BTW, I got another Momoko yesterday from my free 10-pull. That's... well, not really surprising given how limited our pool of unlimited Magical Girls still is. Would have obviously preferred another Kyouko though.

        Loading editor
    • So explain Karin to me cause Im really mad about that. My last 2 freebies got my nothing so your still lucky as all ways T.T Also I did story and CQ on the weekened and woke up early for FGO.

        Loading editor
    • I still don't know why you think Karin is bad... I find her super useful...

      And when it comes to my luck... well, it also has a strange humor. During the last day of the Da Vinci banner I had gathered enough for one more 10 pull and a few single pulls, so I did them. Didn't get Gilles either, but I got two more Siegfrieds. That's not what I meant when I said I needed more Sabers...

        Loading editor
    • Wel I never said I hate her just didn't want her from the pity T.T could of got a new girl or even Rena Need more Water girls.

      Also I onlt have NP1 Wickerman and no Gilles and only NP2 Taiga. I want NP5 but I can't get her to drop. Plenty of Serenity tho.

      Just beat Shuten. Tried twice with Medea fail. Brought Shbea won, that damb Attack down spam and less dmg buff sucks. Came so close those first two times 200hp left. Im gonna take a break now.

        Loading editor
    • Ugg I just completed 200 floors last night, and now I gotta due another tower event........ You could of warned me. I'm burnt out. Also theres not gonna be a V-day event is there just banners?

        Loading editor
    • I just finished floor 90 and I'm already thinking I spent far too much time on this nonsense than is good for me. Well... I guess I can freely catch up somewhat on the weekend due to a short holiday following, but it seems rather unlikely that I will be able to take all the floors.

      In regards to Magireco... well, I kinda forgot this event and that it's basically the same like the Setsubun event. Though to be fair, Magireco's event is more relaxed. Which, when you recall the event speed there... sounds a bit wrong.

      And there will be a Valentine's event:

      I remember this one as an event with looooots of pretty decent costumes.

        Loading editor
    • ugg V-day seems like a slug fes for the outfits. Well at least i wont have to worry about summons. As for the this event since I used blustacks I made it to floor 40 in like 30 mins, so fast. Took me 5x as long in FGO cause the loading took longer than the matches for me. I have an S7 guess its outdated, if it keeps updating Im gonna need a new phone huh. At least Its paid off now for like 3 years lol. Well You only have to get too 100 for the CQ beat that and get 2 lores. So you can walk away with that. Honestly there is not really much past it the best thing is I think 1 summon ticket and 5 wines. But ya the Tower is preety easy you can still use 1-3* past 100 just need the ECE. I MLB it at floor 90 to nuke Raiko. Good Luck.

      And Just beat Floor 50. Honestly Tart can solo the whole thing up to the multi waves. Guess this was the easy one huh. Anyway will do the harder stuff another day.

        Loading editor
    • NOOOOOO Its Kazumi agian must not be Baited..... But Revenge! and I never rolled on Suzune. Curse them it's like they new Mifuyu sucks and V-Day has no real Banner so lets drop Limiteds for $$$$. Well at least you get another shot at Darc/Tart

        Loading editor
    • With what do you think I am supposed to roll? Here I am still struck by the Mitama and Tsuruno disasters and have to keep saving for the year.

        Loading editor
    • Why tickets of course it so easy. :)

      I do have enough to pity 1 and Madokami ain't any time soon. The Monogatari is up in the air too. I might go for it but do I go for the Injustice or Suzune who would help my accele team but they are both fire what do you think who is better.

        Loading editor
    • -.- Not gonna fall for this one again! I have not enough for a pity roll, no. I won't do anything.

      Though now that I managed to pass the 100 floors in FGO I noticed what you meant. The further stages really are useless and my desire to finish them all on this tight schedule has sunken to the bottom. Now I went and rushed through the story chapters of the Magireco quest...

      Did I get the ending right in that they solved their turf war problem by sending girls low on grief seeds into the mirror witch's barrier where they were likely killed? Did... did nobody think of these implications when making up that rule?!?

      Also what do you mean with Injustice? Tsubasa? I have Tsubasa on JP and Suzune on NA. So... I have to say that my reply is more like an unsure shrug. They play very much the same.

        Loading editor
    • I went For Ai and got Madoka, didn't even get any Memoria or even the 3* girl I was robbed of everything even my gems. Only did like 5 roll with tickets. So I really want payback she could/should of been my 3rd 5*.  I know that I should save but they are limited and we got no idea when they come back so I feel I should try for at least 1. On 1 hand my Flame team is kinda Hot now that I got Kyoko, Momoko and 2x Karin but with Yui and Suzune I will have a fulll Flame team. On the other my only Single Target Is Ren and she just dies before she does anything so I use Riz for everything but her Magia is AOE so a solid ST would be nice. And I skipped the story I usually go back and read them another time so I got no clue.

      And come on all it took for me was 6 fate weave tickets to net Tart..... Riz was the Pity........

        Loading editor
    • NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO The injustice continues.

      I started out fine 26 tix got Kaoru and two copies of the 4* Memoria. But when I saw that silver card I just ..... NOOOOOOOOO. This is why I don't gambel odds are never in my favor. Twice now that fing 40%.


      T.T that sweet 40% T.T



      I did 2 multis skipped both 1st was Chisato then What? Just lie to me and say she's better than Ai. (T.T)
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    • So... am I seeing this right in that you used only 26 tickets to get a 4-star and are disappointed about that? Mitama will be very disappointed with you!

      I keep my gems to myself. I now passed the boss on stage 90, so I'm happy to have this soon beyond me. On the other hand I just saw the Valentine's event on FGO. I... must admit that I have skipped all the Valentine's events since the first one, so... you can imagine that I have a ton of CE's still not unlocked. That... might turn into quite the hassle later on. But hey, I threw my monthly tickets into the story gacha of JP and bloody hell I got Quetzalquoatl. After getting Penthesilea in the previous gacha, my strange luck doesn't seem to change there while on NA I am still trying to get Gilles.

        Loading editor
    • No She was Pity. This means that I have missed every pity but Riz, missed every 70% man. If this was Darts I'd hit the wall more than the board. I got better things from the 26 tix than I did all those gems. I don't even think I'll raise her she sucks that much. I was just gonna go broke on Suzune but I got her in TWO along with Chisato. Ai seems to dislike me alot or the odds are fing rigged. I mean so far Suzune is preety good, team her up with Yakuza Madoka and Karin and I get thr Magia really fast. I'm not even at floor 50 yet (on 49) my lack of ST and DMG dealers kinda slows things down for me. I need two more letters for me to acend Suzune so I've been farming that and got Tarts Doppel, so I kinda switched focus will get back to it but I doubt I'll get to 100. But kinda like Suzune's chest I'm really sad, tried so hard for Ai...wait hold on sec somthings in my back, huh a box cutter weird.

      As for FGO V-Day if you farm the CE they unlock Voice lines as you burn/exp them so you have to farm them all then anyway you really didn't miss out at all, honetly its better you didn't cause I got to do them all agian next year. And Gratz on Quetz, I really wanted her to but don't relly want to spend alot or even need her but I do try to not even get Taiga. I got a super succ this mornig used 5 tix got nothing not even the 3* ECE. Did get Medea and Serenity like last year tho.

        Loading editor
    • Okay, that's indeed painful then. Though I still don't know who "Ai" is. Suzune is great, but pretty damn fragile. And you are currently experiencing the joy of Accele teams.^^

      Well, I still have my old Valentine CEs in the second archive. I am a hoarder like that, so... I guess it's not quite as bad as it could be. Though it is bad, especially since I still haven't gotten any of the male Servants' CEs.

        Loading editor
    • OHHHHH I thought her name was Kazumi  Ai all this time... who was I thinking of. Anyway I got Suzune to 5* had to 1 buy the beginner Booster for 50 to get the fire orb+ not a bad trade off I think. But I still need more fire gems to max or just use my Alls and made it to 61.

      And the Old V-day CE don't count you have to get the new ver. now preety sure.

        Loading editor
    • That's not how the Valentine's day CEs work though. I was easily able to just grab my old ones from the archive and power through at the beginning. And the ones I've already got are greyed out in the menu where you unlock them, so it would be ridiculous if they made it so that it's impossible to get working event CE from the shop if you hadn't rolled any new Servants. It seems it's more your mistake of having burned them.^^

      Though I am kinda confused about whether it is even possible to get all the CEs this time around... the chocolades gained from the point rewards seem painfully few.

        Loading editor
    • If you read the JP wiki for V-Day you need to get them again for the cutsecene thats how you unlock them and there more for the newer servants so this years servants. So it doesn't matter if you keep them in your 2nd arc. PPL talk about it in this V-day event page too I even asked. There is no point in holding onto them.

      Also I got Suzune to 100 no and on floor 73.

        Loading editor
    • Ah, now I looked up what you meant. This goes for the next Valentine's event. What nonsense... At that time I will probably not play anymore though.

      Btw. I'm now at floor 100. That 2,5 Million hitpoints boss is a pain...

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    • Ya DW knows what there doing fing Greedy Fks, add a pity system already. Not that it works for me T.T

      Wait huhwhat...... Im having a time with floor 75 ffs slow and steady doesn't work.

      O ya forgot to mention I got the FEH Char I wanted and kept getting non rate ups on. took me alot and forced me to do alot too, but now I got all the collab char but 1 lol.

        Loading editor
    • Well I wanted to try for Quetz/Jack/LArtoria but cause you said you got Quetz I went for her......... So I woke up at like 00:30 ish for some reason, so  I rolled 1 multi. No loading saw 5* Paraoh Xocolatl was like well that sucks skip Poisonus Snake, (yup not the 4*ECE) was like well this sucks. AND THERE AT THE FING END THE LAST ROLL......... I don't know wtf but I've been on a non rate-up streak. My first 5* Assassin & I'm honestly pissed I can't even use her as all my Quicks are Riders. Two rate-ups and I miss both, just like those JP games I played just to roll. And so the Tradition of 1 servant per V-day continues. I got nothing from tix fyi not even CEs or Taiga F V-Day.

      And ya I beat the 100 floor now and I got to say after floor 80 you do no dmg with Basics you gotta nuke them with chain Magias. Thats not fair, they spam curse/burn/atk down etc and still get to attack 3 times. The Flame Bosses are the worst cause I only got 2 water and Sayaka's Magia hits like wet Paper towel.

        Loading editor
    • I just had to look you post up on the FGO wiki to figure out that you rolled Osakabehime. I thought you've got Semiramis and that really confused me due to her being a rather boring to use AoE Buster. Well... I guess I can understand your frustration. I really don't like her either. Meanwhile I am scratching together one more 10-roll after the first one didn't get me shit. But I am also so very bored by this Valentine's event. The writing seems even more half-assed than usual.

      Well, congrats on beating the 100 challenge quests. Yes, Sayaka's Magia is only good against single Magical Girls, she is really bad against witches or rumors. But come on, you can't say Yachiyo didn't wreak havoc for you! At least for me she was my best unit against the final boss.

        Loading editor
    • Ya I can't say her name It really triggers me, I mean how do I miss dbl rate up. I would of taken anyone else...well not Tama or Baber or Orion and Drake is iffy but anyone else T.T. And since I seem to only get 1 support a year I don't like my Skadi odds. This is also my first well second I don't count Tama, 1 shot multi. And Semi you could of been my first  5* Assassin instead i get a usless NEET. O you could of just checked my profile.

      She didn't Yui and Mami's Doppel did more dmg than her tbh but I don't have her doppel to be fair, but I had Magia dmg up equiped.

      And I thought missing pity twice was sad, you can kinda count this as one too.

        Loading editor
    • If it is any consolation: Today's rolls for me sucked heavily. Like, only the worst possible rolls. Which is nothing new in FGO considering how the rolls I get through the 50 days login bonus always tend to be absolutely miserable for me. But hey, at least I got Columbus this time. Nothing else though.

      And then a few hours later I made my free 10 roll in Magia Record and it really was just the worst. Only one 2 star Magical Girl and one 3 star Memoria, the rest 2 star Memorias.

        Loading editor
    • Funny enough those are my regular rolls tho I did just get a 4* Memoria. I was watching TouhouSniper98 live stream fyi he fin the V-day event, and I told him what happened he went Oooof, at least shes cute..... when a whale goes oooof you know you lost, alos not a fan of glasses girls.

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    • Screenshot 20200210-170252

      You are not Gilles!

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    • Dude just wait for white day amd Zero Rerun, what a waste to roll story. Tho Jeanne really under performs/skills and is pretty much usless outside CQ, she still better than Okki. So Gratz, as she was my first 5* in the game and helped me out alot, no one will use her from support so don't bother setting her thr. And Always remeber Apocrap ain't real.

        Loading editor
    • What White Day gacha? The Chaldea Boys gacha? I had scoured the internet and all sources say Caster Gilles isn't in that one. So his next rate-up is the Fate/Zero re-run in September. I hardly want to wait for so long. And it doesn't seem like I'm getting nothing out of this.

      Also well... this was just my last ticket I got from the reward points. I consider getting Jeanne a fair trade for how horrible my earlier two 10-rolls ended up being, one of which was in the event gacha.

        Loading editor
    • Well Caster Gilles should be in the White Day = Chaledea Boys one, all story locked should be included just like Bendi/Colombus and Cu forgot Cu? There is also class base summon but he will have to fight Medea/steampunk/Geronimo and CEs.

      Also just saw TouhouSniper69 just get Drake/Nightingale/Orgin Bullet + 4*ECE in one ropll on Osakabehime & Semi rate up. And now at the end he gets Okkki and Semi in 1 roll for NP5 Semi.

      Edit: Just read the comments on Okki good god she is crap, sigh I need to wait till Halloween ReRun to be relavent then another year for viable T.T

        Loading editor
    • Yawn, ya your right Taiga and other story locked aint in the pool weird could of sworn they were. Well I wasted my summons then was try for story locked lol. I guess its just Bevi cause of Proto Arthur my bad.

        Loading editor
    • Yo I Just Finished the V-Day event 60Mil Done. Used some/alot apples. just gotta collect sugar now.

        Loading editor
    • Don't worry. I think I'd still take a single shot at Arthur because it would be strange for me not to with him on my wishlist, so I'm now starting to save.

      And congrats on Valentine's... I'm still at 20M and getting nowhere. At least the story is over and I got the Grail.

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    • You know the more I play through the V-Day the more I realise that a guy wrote this. Cause as a fat/bullied loser in elementry V-Day is a day where girls be nuts even more so now a days. Don't read Redditr/V-day or maybe do girls are fing nutz. And its okay Momoka I'l bang ya if ya want lol. Now I'm allergic to chocolate but still its the no one knew I was and I still got nothing on V-Day that hurts man.

      Also i got into a huge argument with Necrophyton. He kinda joined in my convorsation with Otaku, over Okki. I did alot of reading, research, watch vids and even talked/listen to whales. SHE SUCKS. She really doesn't do anything underpreforms in what she is supposed to do & there are 4* who do things better than she does. But he keeps saying ah she niche. No her niche is she can solo like Jeanne thats it. I really got robbed I needed an Assassin and got her. I actually had plan/line ups for Semi. It seems all my V-Day Gachas are F'd I did a step-up puls in Senran got the one I didn't want and didn't even get the older V-Days that were in it, just got random SSRs. Also my go to DOAXVV I got Nyo Tengu like last year and just got Koroko who I hate from the free daily old SSR V-Day Banner. I'm now broke in both games, F commercialism.

      Anyway how you do.  This V-Day  

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    • Ah... I sense a lot of frustration there... Sorry to hear that. Well, I must admit, in my country Valentine's Day isn't exactly celebrated much, so it doesn't bother me. Though I must admit the more I read about how it is treated in Japan, the more my impression is that the Japanese are nuts. A country with no Christian tradition whatsoever being so crazy about Christmas is somewhat cute, but making Valentine's Day, a day solely about being mindful of your special someone, into a social obligation for girls... ugh. It feels like it's a most harmful pressure for all involved. That Magireco is written by a bunch of dudes is clearly an issue (though I have recently put up a rant on Reddit that the main problem is their lack of guts when it comes to having the characters face actual danger). And Momoko's handling is somewhat weird indeed. It was some time ago pointed out to me that Momoko is basically a blonde Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi and while I can't unsee the physical and personality resemblance now, I also keep thinking about why Mion is a far superior character (aside from screen time, obviously). One possible answer is how Momoko's play on the 'tomboy with a girlish streak' trope is put on its head by how uncomfortable she is with herself, which makes it clear that writers are completely blind to how it is usually an uncomfortability with how you think people are perceiving you. Our mind is fucked up like that. Mion emphasizes the latter issue, which in turn makes her a deeper character already on first glance before you even reach her actions and relationships. And your are still going on about Osakabehime? Well, I'm assuming she is going to rot at level 5 forever, so no reason to keep her on your mind like that. Meanwhile I am glad I kept my JP account around:

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    • God your so fing lucky unlike me. And no Okki is maxed tho I wont lvl her skills there not worththe mats or lores. I need Assassins I only have 3 (not include welfares) I've been using 100 faces alot.  Its the reason I'm pissed. Rider nodes kill me, I lose alot of times esp first times. I generally use Zerks. So I have been using her testing with teams, and randos but she does better solo.

      And now that i think about it Mion Sonozaki you right. But I love her dude she was my fav char.... Now I kinda like Momo a bit better lol. And also its not that they lack guts its that they can't. Unlike GoT, if you go too dark you tend to piss of all the fans thus lose revanue. $$$$ money still talks in JP unlike NA. To an extent even here in NA you can't do dark stories hell you'll get aressted like what happened in France and England lol, Freedom of speech ain't real.

      O ya I also just finished the event all 10 CQs, got all the outfits I wanted and Kuro and fin FGO bought the last of the Sugar stuff so I'm done dog GL to you.

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    • Not so lucky. Still needed the pity roll for that, but I guess I am more casual about throwing gems away when I don't actually use an account. Which is a shame, now that I look at Nagisa in earnest and see that her Magia is absolutely terrific. She summons Charlotte! Not her weird eyeless Doppel, but the witch Charlotte in all its glory! That's pretty much exactly what I wished she would do when they first released her.

      The Rider nodes are bad? You mean the current one? Mmh... I still use Shiki and Kiritsugu in tandem a lot. They do the job well enough. And I just saw that you have them as well.

      Glad that you liked Mion! Hey, she has always been my favorite as well.

      I see that the writers think they can't get dark, but come on! It's Madoka Magica! A franchise about middle school girls tricked by a sociopathic alien into becoming lovecroftian eldrich horrors. This fanbase expects things to go dark! This Valentine's event and the next Halloween event are arguably the most loved stories in this game for the sole reason of actually catching the atmosphere of the Anime.

      Also I have no idea what you are talking about about France and England. Whatever it is, I highly doubt it's a thing, last time I checked people don't really bother about violence against fictional characters.

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    • You got to realise that they in this for money, and if we learned anything fro SJW is that if you yell loud enough ppl bend the knee. So they write for as many ppl as possiable fan or not.... Genrally the not, to not piss ppl off.

      And I was talking farming Rider nodes in general suck esp the Dragon ones. I left Kerry in the second archive, I think he sucks, I know what to do/use him but honestly, I just use Shiki so much faster and better. Plus taunt no work on dragon. So I just borrow support Jack or Zerk it.  Thats why I wanted Semi, the only AOE I got is welfare shisho and she don't hit hard....... Danzo ain't AOE she can't even clear the daily Rider quest or really any 3 rider enemys. At least not at NP1.

      .......Dude you got to read up. People are being arrested hell I just watched a small interview of one woman who escaped a muslim grooming gang in England. She wrote a book about it and was told to fix her story cause in the editors words "comes off a racist". Englands a fing mess right now mate........

        Loading editor
    • Please, take a step back and read again what you wrote. Because you are not making much sense. The original topic was about a mobile game not catching the atmosphere of the Anime it is a spin-off to and somehow you jumped from that to "can't make dark stories because you get arrested", to "SJWs", "Muslim grooming gangs" (whatever that is) and "a British woman being told her book comes off as racist" and not much of a connection between any of this that goes beyond a vague conspiratorial tone.

      Come one! There is no grand SJW conspiracy. What we are currently seeing in US media is stuck up Hollywood executives who have never in their lives seen a good story producing derivative drivel in accordance to a checklist of things that they think will tailor these movies to the broadest possible audience (while at the same time satisfying none of them) to seemingly maximize profits from their long ridden to death franchise names. And one of these points from their checklists is aggressively patting your own shoulder for how 'woke' they are, while at the same time not caring one bit for it. Hollywood doesn't follow any kind of insidious political aims, they just want your money and think this is how they get it. And all of this doesn't apply to Japanese media. Anime studio executives do work with the same mindset, but they have a different checklist and that one basically only reads "fanservice".

      And one last thing. I think to remember that you aren't even European, but even then broadly stating that some countries are "a mess" because of incidental unsourced stories is quite a bit far-fetched. As far as I am aware, things are as usual over there, no matter how much some corners of the internet are crying around.

        Loading editor
    • Here and here .  I know I got of track I was watching this as I wrote to you lo but I was honestly disgusted with humanityl. And for the SJW was a refrence like how they forced My Hero to change the name of a char. All the loud screaming they did made the athour apologize man. They write for the non fans moslty is what I meant. They are not gonna write for the fans of the orginal its to dangerous finacially, kill of one char or do somthing wrong and Otaku will outrage and stuff may happen. Thats why we have alot of badly writen movies and TV shows and if any one tries to do somthing diffrent they can get arrested. Two seprate things I know but i was making a point on how alot of movies and TV shows a written without consequences. Lets face it we ain't gonna get any Higurashi from NA or Europe any more.

      And tec I am European, just not British tho you could argue, Family even owns land in Greece, been there and seen it. The mass Immagration desrtoyed Greece but I won't talk about that.

        Loading editor
    • Ugh... Sargon... The plight of that woman shouldn't be downplayed, but I am deeply suspicious of any channel that turns just about everything into a political trench war. This isn't doing our society any good.

      Just the same with My Hero Academia. I googled what you were talking about and let me get this straight: The author took a villain who conducts human experiments and named him after a mocking term Unit 731 called their victims. This offended a lot of Korean and Chinese people, which isn't all that surprising given the tenuous relationship between them and Japan's ongoing downplaying of their WW2 atrocities. So after the usual social media shitstorm happened and China pulled his books from their market, the author changed the name and apologized, though oddly refused to acknowledge that it was a reference to Japan's dark history made in poor taste, but rather claimed obliviousness to the issue entirely. A really weird move that caused the shitstorm to linger a lot longer than it should have.

      I must say, tying this into Western 'political correctness' debates is a bit much, given how the sharpness of this shitstorm is tied deeply to the historical grievances between these countries. It might look unfair that this author ended up stung after poking the wasp nest, but it's not really surprising and highlights how sore an issue it still is. Honestly, it would be like a German naming his Nazi Villain "Dr. Duschkabine" and then claim it was an accident. Of course I don't condone those who overstepped boundaries and made death threats, but since most of the reaction is genuine disappointment, calling it "censorship" is stupid.

      And no people get arrested for writing in poor taste... I have no idea why you keep saying this. And we can get no more Higurashi nowadays? In what way? Sentai filmworks recently licensed Higurashi and there is the announced reboot. So Higurashi is alive and well and I don't even have to talk about Umineko and Ciconia. Or do you mean stories that are not decided upon by the checklist? Well, certainly not from major franchises, there you are right. Right now I'm mourning the creative deaths of Star Wars and Star Trek myself. But there are still well done shows once you look hard enough. Last year for example I was recommended "Dark", which has a few similarities to Higurashi and authors who really care for a tight story. In general I have come to prefer small self-contained stories for the sole reason that you can be mostly sure that the writers should know at the beginning where they want the story to end up at.

      Lastly, Greece... Well, there is no denying that the refugee crisis puts a strain on all mediterranian countries. Though it can also not be denied that Greece has always suffered from poor finances and corruption, making it even more unable to deal with the situation at hand. Which in turn should be a waking up call to us all that the EU and NATO have to do everything in their power to stabilize the conflict-ridden regions nearby. Unfortunately the situation now gets even grimmer since Erdogan and Putin have decided to have a pissing contest over Syria and Libya...

        Loading editor
    • To be fair England has become a shit storm and Sargon is one of the few plp talking about it. There are so few articals about what is happening there. My Fav. is A Pakastani Mayor? In Englan wants to do something about it, but they ignore him like wtf. The Cops new but were actually told to ignore it as they don't want to be seen a racist....

      I think it was France, the athuor of a Hanzel and Gretal like book he, wrote that Gretal was abused sexualy by her father and ppl blew up at him and a court ruled against him as CP. now he was fighting it but it did lead to cops aressting him. Thats what I meant about dark. Also its just a name, purpose or not the guys a villian and plus the name is actually kinda common. And a for censoring its all for China man Just look at the Star Wars poster China Ver. for Fin. Alos I know Higurashi is getting reboot but lets be honest will it be teh same or will they tone it down. Cause you know twatter will blow up. I just hope its like sheid hero adn they just ignor it.

      Edit: Sena Girl you dumb as F. You invicible just go in the mornin or at lunch, miss like 1 period max. Don't know how far it is to the store?. You can miss like a couple of min since no one can see if your there or not who cares. Good girl or not ppl are late sometimes.

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    • Didn't think to get political on a godamn mobile game wiki and don't really intend to, so I try to keep my reply brief.

      Channels like that like to stylize themselves as some kind of "last defender of truth against the dishonest mainstream media" but let's be real, if you scroll through the titles of the videos on that channel it becomes undeniably clear that they have their own bias and want to paint a suspiciously narrow picture that conforms to their own worldview and that of their viewers. Hell, if reality behaved like they think it does I myself would live at the prime hotspot of refugee gang rapes and clan violence and yet I can't remember any moment in my life where I had a problem going out at night or actually working with refugee kids they despise so much. And while I am aware that I live in my own kind of bubble, my own experiences make it easy to dismiss fearmongering as such and focus on the underlying problems that those channels have no intention of solving. For example if you want to fight fight crime more effectively, you should protest against chronically underfunding police and justice departments (the latter also being a prime reason for why the processing of asylum seekers takes forever and results in all kinds of sad or infuriating stories). What does this channel offer though? I see that about 80% of the titles are frothing tantrums about "the left", whatever that is. The channel seems to be confused about that as well it seems. Is it corporate Hollywood? Is it silly virtue signalling by teenagers on tumblr? Is it counterprotests against nazis? Is it feminists? Is it climate activists? Is it inarguably centrist social democrats? For fuck's sake, one of the thumbnails wants to imply the left is swastika-wearing Nazis! That one made me chuckle! Decide, for fuck's sake! But of course it won't, because they have an interest in making it sound like there is some kind of vast evil conspiracy that you can only defeat by voting crass narcissistic strongmen that make you feel like you got back at 'them' while these crass narcissistic strongment proceed to enrich themselves on your expense.

      So... back to the topic at hand.^^ Well, yes, the sucking up to China actually is a problem. I guess that's what happens when your media is done by large corporations intend on not getting blocked from 1,4 billion possible consumers. The bending over for the Chinese government is a thing that infuriates me as well and it'll get worse as China gets more and more influence in the region. I guess US hegemony did have its merits after all...

      And Higurashi will be toned down? Have you actually seen Anime recently? I fear that it will likely go the opposite direction, drastically ramp up the fanservice because that is what the Anime industry is like at the moment. Heck, the art style looking like any generic Ecchi Anime ever is already concerning enough. That's how the modern industry will likely affect it, the current stance on violence is pretty neutral. And if you fear a twitter backlash for how the female characters are treated? Well, I guess that depends on how much the cast will be sexualized. Higurashi itself is a story that I would call accidentally feminist, what with having such strong female characters to offer. So if they remain true to the text, only the most superficial self-proclaimed feminists have something to complain about while at the same time I suspect it would be lauded by a majority of voices. However if they end up erasing the depth of the characters and have the camera constantly stuck beneath someone's boobs or skirt, then it's a different conversation entirely... a conversation that won't affect Japan as much though, given how they are used to shit like this. And I think you can guess the position I will take then. After all, the first episode of the OVA is the only piece of media that had me feel my blood boiling up to my face in rage. Such a fucking travesty what they did with these characters I love so much...

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    • Nah man its actually the opposite. Alot of anime are toning down the Violence and Sexuality. Look at lolis they preety much disappered and there fanservice gone, we see it in manga now to. As for Violence well take a look at Goblin Slayer as a good example, nerfed to like 4, the manga is is more explicit, now I know JP censores violence, but even the nudity isn't there anymore. not even in the BRs. I know its TV and all but now alot of manga that has nudity and even manga are now censored. I go from reading raws from mags are all censored now when they didn't used to be before. Now I don't know if this is from the 2020 olympshits or Jap is slowly censoring themselves. And man all my games are censored now look what happened to Fire Emblem 3 house, I got to read  the scene before it got censored. It wasn't even that bad man. So for Higurashi I'm affraid they will tone down the deaths and shit. Also you do know It was tec. a H-Game right, hell that and Fate were like the first ones I played. I even still have it somewhere and Im talking the bad art one.

      And as for that they really are the last ppl saying anything and doing shit. Biased or not. Take a look at my shit hole of a country fro example, you don't want to become like Canada where you can't say Merry christmas to some one. Hell at one point and still we can't call a X-mas tree a X-mas tree, it became a holiday tree. I called the menorah a candel stick holder and got in big trouble. I was making a point. And I hate Christmas.

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    • There is literally an Anime about some dudes reviewing prostitutes in the current Anime season. Sorry, I can't see what you see there. And look at how ridiculous the ass-shots in the Babylonia Anime are. I can't remember seeing something as on the nose in 90s Anime.

      Also Higurashi a H-game? Are you shitting me right now? Not every Visual Novel is an Eroge! Fate may have been one. Higurashi never was though. The initial setting of a single dude joining a club made up of girls was intended as a way to subvert expectations. After all romance almost never comes up, the main theme is friendship. And Keiichi turns out to not be the protagonist at all, it is Rika, with the girls driving all the plot. The author also intended it purely as a mystery story.

      And oh please... since when can't you say Merry Christmas anymore? Ugh... this is such an infuriating fake news that pops up every year the last few years... Like for example about the Poinsettia plant that in my country is called "Christmas Star". Right-wing populists were spreading fake outrage about a supermarket selling "Fall Stars" and whine about 'islamification' even though it's a different plant that blooms earlier. Or outrage about some Christmas Markets not having Christmas in their name despite local traditions having them named differently for up to hundreds of years. It's really annoying because it's a made-up problem. And don't you think that you got into trouble about the Menorah because of the dismissive way you phrased it? (Also it's an oil lamp...)

        Loading editor
    • Well the anime you are taking about is really out of left feild. Maybe it was a test to see the market but I read the Manga got bored of it. And to be honest its not really that raunchy. also the funimation thing, and all that they censor. I also said its on the decline, there used to be so much service now... Also its not ridiculous one of the producers ass an ass fetish, its even a running gag. Im not complaing. And Dude in the 90s they were tits in like all the anime. Now if you open a mag its all black squares and light dots for nips. 1 mag publisher can't remeber but they even censor cleavlage and underwear. I stoped reading those.

      No we really were not allowed to say Merry Christmas when I was working Deli we were told to say Happy holidays not Merry christmas. Same with my mom who worked another job it was real, for a time same with the tree. they weren't allowed to say it on TV man, News and kids shows. Not a lie. Its okay now I think to say it and even on TV. And ya Ii did have a tone but it was to make a point. A Xmas tree is only a X-mas tree at Christmas. every other month its an ever/spru/pine tree. And if you want more my moms a social worker you wont belive the fucking things they make them do now with PC. She literaly has to wipe kids ass's after they shit, cause children can't do it themselves. REGAURDLESS of AGE. It applies to teachers to.

      The joke about Hige is that it was sold on a porn site so ppl thought it was a H-Game. It was a joke dude. I think they even tagged it as eroge.

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    • Wait ain't Madokami super early, she was realesed in the summer wasn't she. I don't got enough for pity. CURSE YOU KAZUMI. She f'd me again.

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    • Yep, Magical Girl reckoning is upon us. Madokami was released during the 1 year anniversary on JP, so I had assumed they would do the same here as well. Curious. I myself have 120 rolls stored up as of now... and am quite anxious as a single spook can endanger my attempt to get her.

      Have you come around to watch Madoka Magica by now? By now you must have the story spoiled beyond believe, especially through knowing the existance of Ultimate Madoka.

        Loading editor
    • Nope and nope skiped it all cept the end lol. I got enough to 70.... thats all, tho even if I did have enough it probably be Karin... 3 spooks in a row is enough. And still no Fujino..sigh I might have to use more SQs, alreadu used 90, tho I get a small window on March 1st with those 10 tix that I was gonna use to try and get Suzuka.

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    • See this is why I hate censorship, you take away all my esapeisms what do I have left. I just found out (I'm always the last to know) my Uncle has stage 4 prostate cancer, it reached his spine, he can't work or walk. And my cousin has some unknown disease, they though was Dengue fever cause she was just in Cuba. See ppl say Canada has good Health Care but what really happens is they go to school her to become doctors cause it cheaper then all leave for the states to get paid better.

      FML. Fujino, Madokami plz come I need to esacape my shity life.

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    • I'm sorry for this. Not quite sure what the connection is with censorship in Canada, but life screwing you over and wishing to just throw yourself into something that keeps your mind off it is something I can relate to. I hope you'll hear some good news soon.

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    • Well all the games I play for escapeism are but hurt censored. I just want to see my butts/boobs jiggle. And not be preached at. I am replaying 3 Houses with Golden Deer... Black Egales for Life!

      My other Aunt and uncle (sick cousin) are coming over to see my parents tommorow so I'll see them, I guess they will be in the area. I'll also be at 100 tommorow so I really hope I'ts not Another Karin or Mitama.

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    • When I saw the Dark Card I was like PLZ show Pipe. I got the most usless girl again. Okki PTSD flashbacks. 0/4 pity now.

      Well Better luck to you, cause w/e luck I did have is gone. Senran Kagura nothing, here nothing, DOAXVV nothing. Tho i did get lucky with Symphorgear Gacha. I got the AoT collab Eren, with just tickets. I don't think I'm gettnin Madokami.

      Why just why.

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    • I'm still sitting at 83 on the pity counter. I barely ever get shit from free rolls, so ask me again next week. XD

      Hey, look at the bright side: She has the voice of Rene Ryuguu and you get some stuff for playing her story mission.

        Loading editor
    • While true will I ever use her outside of her own story, while she gets carried by the others. Cause is she even worth the lvls. Sigh at least Kanae is cool. I have Tsukuyo/Ren/Liz while I didn't need her she really does lack ability and teamwork....JUST LIKE OKKI. insert X-Files music....

      Edit: Just fin the stupid Mirriors. Man I get really tierd of being 1HKO.

        Loading editor
    • Well shity day gets worse...

      My uncle is going in for emerancy surgery. Turns out there is a new way for cancer "treatment" they inject somthing into the spine before Chemo, and thats what fucked him up so that he can't walk......... So now after some tests they want to prefom the surgery. I said Canada sucks, all the doctors leave and we get quacks.

      I don't even know why Im telling you this lol.

        Loading editor
    • That's really weird. I have been dealing with several cancer cases in the family, circle of acquiantances and students these days as well and I haven't hear anything about injections. But a friend of my mother is also suffering from an extreme reaction to the chemo itself that makes further treatment impossible, so I guess you can't even escape stuff like that if you get the chemo in pill form.

      Aaaand... yeah, I guess if you have to vent something like that, there is no helping it. Even on the wiki of a mobile game... in a public space accessible by everybody...

        Loading editor
    • Well My Dad said it might of been so it wouldn't spread more to the spine, cause he was complaining about limb pain. The next day he couldn't walk. They injected him the day he was diognosed.

      My Parents went to see him before his surgery, aperently the "hospital" where he is at..... aint that great our neighbour is a nurse so she knows gossip and yes nurses talk. I'm just sitting here playing FE 3 houses waiting for the to get back. I don't know what else to do.

      And for me on top of parkinsons, breast cancer, I now have to worry about my prostate.  Cancer ate away at alot of my mother's side of the family.

      they just got back he had a tumor on his spine. They caught the cancer late cause he just started to show symptoms...

      Edit: its now 18:16 he still hasent had the surgery. He was schedule for 13:00

        Loading editor
    • They left the man without food or drink over night. He didn,t get into surgery till now wtf.

        Loading editor
    • Man I really hope those Memoria sucked cause after 24 tix and 2 multis I didn't get any.

      Why am I so Lucky with you?

      Anyway good luck I know you'll get her.


      No Succces+ sadly

      Took pretty much all me AP to get 1 sheep horn to do it sigh. Will do the event later.

      FYI: His surgery took 6 hours. Last time I heard anything he was still in recovery.

        Loading editor
    • Well congrats, Madokami is awesome! And of course I also wish uncle to get well of course.

      Meanwhile I... I... I got spooked... by Tsukuyo... on roll 99. Not on the pity. But on roll 99... That... I don't even know whether this is even possible.

      ... no, that's possible alright, because if I track down my two very first 4-stars they also came on very late rolls. 97 and 98 I think. NA keeps trolling me. Ugh... Now I am down to 30 rolls. 40 after taking the 10-roll ticket from the shop, 50 after the turn of the month. Given how horrible my luck is at the moment, I will wait and see. I don't think I will be able to squeeze enough gems out of the game for 50 more rolls though.

        Loading editor
    • Thanks, your more considerate than the hospitial, they left the poor man in the hall almost all night with no food or water waitng for an emergency surgery....... Canada man.....

      And holy shit man that would never happen to me, 3 story pity in a row. The only time that was close was KAZUMI when I got Madoka (was I think 50-60)....... I gotta say I got all the Madoka's pretty easelly, wonder why. Was really not excpecting to get her too. Did you at least get the Memoria, much like Suzune's Memoria I got 0 copies and hers was one of the best.

      I woke up 5 in the morning to roll for her lol. And still no Fujino. Come on man I even failed at Senran Kagura gacha.

      EDIT:........So I got around to doing the event....Story 2......clear reward....sheeps horn.........

        Loading editor
    • .................................
      Screenshot 20200226-082227 Fate GO

      10 tix are my last hope.

        Loading editor
    • Congratz! I am actually still without success for either Fujino or Shiki.

      Apparently all my luck is going to JP:

      Screenshot 20200226-220824

      However I screwed up: I though I could carry this luck over to Magireco and blew my remaining 40 rolls on Madokami. I got... Meru and a shit ton of three-stars. But still no goddess. On JP it took me 180 rolls to get her, so I feel pretty lost.

        Loading editor
    • Of course you get Eresh...... Well for Madokami its probably cause you got her in JP, Tho the constent spooks really kill ya, why that happens no clue. I mean I got every Madoka radomly & with ease... For w/e reason. I mean Mami is my fav.

      You could say the Madokami roll carried into Shiki, I was sitting there watching Detective Conan, drinking my coffee and just said F it come on Fujino........she didn't reply. I then went to Symphogear & got the Bride 5* in my first multi.....

      Did you use the 10 fate ticket it seems to be your last chance outside of $.

        Loading editor
    • I already used the 10-ticket. Pretty much all I can do now is grind challenge quests and pray for a miracle that 1000 gems fall from the sky. XD

        Loading editor
    • I meant the 200 gems one from the shop, if ya can make it to that you'll get 1 shot.

        Loading editor
    • ... which is what I just did. It was not my intention, but luck seemed on my side for a change. In my daily friend roll I got another copy of Madoka's 4-star memoria, then I was upgrading memorias and immediately got a super success, which is why I threw one of my tickets into the gacha and got Kaede, which is why I was spurred to immediately drop my 10-roll ticket:

      Madoka 2

      Hitting the pity counter on my free story roll then netted me Kokoro. Who is useless at just one slot, but I still think it's a great day. My gamble has paid off!

        Loading editor
    • ...............Well I got my first copy of Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style. From the free story.....that is all.....

      I knew you'd get her eventually and as always your luck still better than mine.

      Tommorow is the final day I get 15 tickets al for Fujino...... I hope.

      Edit: I'am a huge Moron, I'm honestly sick to my stomach, not gonna sleep tonight moron ffs.

        Loading editor
    • The problem is now I've got to save a lot for Homura and possibly even Nagisa... With NA acting like it does right now, they have become extremely unpredictable. But at least there are only two characters for me to look forward for the time being. I can skip the summer events, mostly. Though I am worried we are going to see four beach episodes in a row, given what they did with New Years to catch up on the seasonal events. So... we are going to see Summer Iroha, Summer Homura, Summer Kyouko and Summer Amane twins all this year. If anything, I will probably only go for Homura there as well... if I still have 100 rolls left for whatever curveball they throw at us afterwards.

      Though at least as soon as it catches up, there doesn't seem to be all this much interesting new characters to appear. Only tons and tons of unlimited ones, New Years Sayaka and Valentine's Nagisa. Those I am interested to get as well, especially Sayaka.

        Loading editor
    • Well for me I'm gonna save for Bakemonogatari and I guess Summer Kyouko. I only got 900gems 5 tickets and 2 10x tickets. So i hope they ain't soon.

      And for dumb check the Kara no Kyokai event page T.T or my profile...... Once again I have no luck.......

        Loading editor
    • Crap, you were right all along. Caster Gilles is in the current gacha according to the details list. I guess that means some frantic free quest solving for me. XD

        Loading editor
    • Ya I thought so tho my only proof was this and it was kinda broke on V-day. Well good luck You gotta fight Babbage and Geronimo, but this game loves 3* so you got a huge advantage. I only got 14 SQ T.T Fujinoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

      On another note of course the release the Maids, I love maids but I only got tix for her shit. Also I got Marie in DOAXVV in 20/22 Tix out of 8 girls muhahahahah. Tho I failed to get Lysithea in FE T.T out of orbs again........

        Loading editor
    • That means you have 5 SQ more than I do. I failed to get Fujino as well... and don't have an NP2 Shiki to show for it!

      And since Kanagi is unlimited, I don't think there is a reason to roll at all...

        Loading editor
    • But But  Maids........

      Also my only Limited NP2 is Shiki should of been Hokusai but w/e. Weird thing is NP2 Shiki is stronger than NP2 Artoria..... Well she is limited I 10/10/10 Void cost 200mil sigh DW cut the cost plz.

      PPS: I just did 3 multis in Symphogear I got 3 SSRs in a row. Plus I got 2 limiteds with 2 tickets in a row......... I just played the game to roll but in 2 weeks I doubled what I got in FGO in half a year.......

        Loading editor
    • So did ya get Proto Arthur yet lol. Got  18 SQnow yay, was gonna try for Nyan Alter but o well sigh, hope she spooks me eventually shes not a bad Zerk. speaking of  spooks I guess I 'll use the 2, 10x Fate and the Singles and see if I can get her. Unlike you I've only got spooked once and the rest we're all pity so might aswell try a bit. She Gets a Maid outfit Right RIGHT.

        Loading editor
    • I'm at 21 SQ now and I think I will have to wait until the next single Arthur banner at the end of the week. Until then I threw the 2 tickets we got so far into the gacha, but only got a 3-star event CE and a Paracelsius.

      In Magia Record JP however I got a hit on today's free roll! And... you would think after the plethora of unlimited characters they have released there I should get one of those. But nah, I got dupe of Riko. Blargh...

        Loading editor
    • Well I  rolled the FP gacha for all the 3* ECE and Mango........ No Mango, I will probably never get him.

      Also do you think the Tree Rumor might come out? I know she is later cause the story,  but do ya think Na will do an early again. Cause I do want Kanagi for simply Maid cause I got Tart and now Kami so I don't need light. But if we got nothig down the line I got no problem dumping tix on her.

      I also forgot to mention I rolled 9tix in DOAVV again and got another SSR, 3.3% baby. I got 70k stones for when the new girl goes F2P Banner which should be next I think.

        Loading editor
    • I have honestly absolutely no idea when NA will do anything. But since there aren't many limited gachas ahead of us, I'd say there rolling for an unlimited girl is a huge gamble no matter how you look at it.

        Loading editor
    • Well to be fair I can't get to pity any way, I only have 1000 gems, and its only 30 tix. I know its a bad Idea but so long as its not Bakemonogatari I don't really care about the next limiteds. And like I said I don't really get spooked, plus I kinda like her the Maids just a plus. Plus + she better than my last 2 spooks. Well if ya can call pity spook T.T

      O ya forgot to mention last month I was waiting to go somewhere and I updated my profile on this page. It sucks tho, I didn't have the time to really look at the code so its just plain static. I might work on it If I get her.

        Loading editor
    • I ah you ah somehow jinxed me didn't you......


      Saw the rainbow, then the dark and knew it T.T O even came with the 4* Memoria in the first multi..... My Maid......
        Loading editor
    • I'm more surprised you got anything at all! And at the first day even!

      Meanwhile I'm sitting here with my 300 gems rolling my eyes at the title of the event.

        Loading editor
    • Honestly I would of perferred nothing insted of her that damb .2% its Okki all over again. Its take my every thing to not drop my last 4 mutlis into it T.T. I mean I know I shouldn't but I've been waitng for a Konoha spook forever, I'm tierd of shit spooks ya I'm talking about you two Mitama and Mifuyu. I feel like I wont get Izumi ever sigh, my Maid.

      And I always pull on the first day, its the only time I ever pull is on banner realese.

        Loading editor
    • So today I made my 10-roll... and got nothing. The tickets as well. No Gilles. No Arthur. No Cu Chulainn. But... I still managed to scrounge together 3 SQ from the daily quests. And... to make them count I very carefully used the FP gacha until I got a good feeling by summoning Hans from it.

      I then rolled.

      And... I still can't exactly believe it:

      Screenshot 20200311-163549

      Best Berserker!

        Loading editor
    • ................................ God your always so damn lucky. Meanwhile I went broke (4 multis) and got. I kinda wanted both Darkness and Aqua but I'm not mad or sad just greedy. I got 3/4, Megumin was free and Kazuma was 3*(SR)


        Loading editor
    • Geez man what is this the 4th, 5th  time for free story rolls. So that is what 46-56 rolls and not 1 4* girl. Sigh now I do get 4* Memoria, but still you think I could get 1 not from pity.... T~T really hoping for Maid. We get 1 more week, so two more free rolls, then it willl sit at 80 till the next time. Your so lucky sigh.

        Loading editor
    • Come on, I am not getting anything out my free rolls either. Let's see till next week who has the better luck in that regard.^^

        Loading editor
    • You got 1 tho so you lucky. And I still can't get anything but spooks from pity. 3 pity spooks in a roll, in a roll.

      I rolled 4, 5* in a row in Symphogear game 4 copies of 1 char plus 1 each of the other 2 on the banner. I got 2 copies of her in 1 roll + a 5* Memoria.

        Loading editor
    • Wow Chiaki sucks wtf were they thinking making her. Makes me want to try more for Maido, must not try (T^T).

      Right forgot to say I fin the event. Tho battle 9 was impossiable to beat with 30% health due to posion spam. But I 3 stared all the others, to bad they no gems. Im at 1490 now. I did buy 20 gems for 1 maid...  i did need the full potion. I have 181 full and 480 half.

        Loading editor
    • Well, Riko not being the most useful powerhouse actually kinda makes sense from a lore standpoint, given that she's a primary schooler totally out of her depth.

      Personally I am really curious about her event though. Kyubey seems to play a rather prominent role there.

        Loading editor
    • Well lore or not still kinda useless, anyway you think Final Battel Ver. next I fin the story and it looks like it will be soon.

      Also just spent 95k stones in DOAVV.... didn't get the new girl, instead I got another Honoka in 20k. Sigh there is no singles rate up in this game only 2 or all. T.T

        Loading editor
    • Are you asking whether the Yachiro unit appears soon? Well... given that they already used up Madokami, who was supposed to be the 1st year anniversary and Yachiro was used for the 2nd year anniversay, my personal hunch is that we are going to get them on the 1st year anniversary instead.

      And for story reasons it would be highly inconvenient to release them before we clear arc 1 of the main story, given that this is their entire gimmick.

        Loading editor
    • Aren't we at the end or is there a Ch. 10  cause 9 feels like the end. Cause after Madokami who is left we still have like 3-4 months before summer so what they gonna do till then reruns?

      Also speant 110k and no Sayuri sigh, my new white whale.... everyone in the forum gets her and I get Honoka.

        Loading editor
    • There is a Chapter 10. If you don't care for spoilers, this is how it plays out:

      Chapter 9 ends with the boss fight against Eve and Chapter 10 is the raid event against Walpurgisnacht.

      Also we are likely seeing four beach events in a row. XD

        Loading editor
    • Four beach events in a row that'll suck, I just want my Bake collab tho use there is no way for me too pity btb. So we might get Final ver tho, if they wanna catch up to JP.

        Loading editor
    • Gah! Why are forest girls so damn squishy?

      Have you managed to beat the last challenge stage yet? I don't know how many hours I have already wasted on it, but even with my best run entering the last battle with Mami's Doppel and Hayate's and Hinano's Magias ready, the witch still thrashes me and I fail the 20% health goal.

        Loading editor
    • Well I did unlock it but I havent started it yet. I'm still stuck on 11, I take so much dmg from the traps and Fing curse+Posion, no one is left by the boss. The boss is easy IF I get Rizs Magia charged and she doesn't die before it. These are some cheap BS im also out of revies so I guess I'm done for today sigh. I also got 2 4* memoria in a row from the free support rolls, tho nothing from the story its gonna be 40-50 rolls no 4* Girl. On a plus side I just got Yachiyo doppel from all the exp.

      12/22 for 11.

        Loading editor
    • Well thats a Gundam 00 for me, last roll and its a min, yopopo and a bottle of rum. So many rolls and not even 1 T.T.

      Do you think I should use tickets to make up for the last 20. I got 10 now, so when I get 10 more it would be done. Or should I hold onto them?

        Loading editor
    • Now I am out, what game are you talking about?

      Meanwhile I... I somehow managed to beat the last stage with 20% health, but it was a damn close call and I expected to have failed the goal due to just two girls left standing at the end. I am so happy to have this awfully difficult event behind me now.

        Loading editor
    • This game, my last freebie was a min. So like should I try for the pity with tix. Also I just did 12 got game over on boss, you were right thing be like whats a  doppel. You completed all 25 shit man I can't even do 1 route with out any girls dying. I'm also out of revives again.

        Loading editor
    • Next week we get two more rolls, so relax I'd say. You need those gems otherwise.

      Yeah, the boss is utterly ridiculous. I got to it on the leftmost route where you are mostly fighting water/forest familiars with a team of the following: Mami, Hinano, Madokami, Karin, Suzune, Holy Alina, Hayate. Whenever one of my forest girls unlocked Magia or Doppel I switched her out, but keeping Mami alive for long enough is hard. Also on the all-Riko node I had to use two Magias to push my way through. And YET I only survived at a hair's width.

        Loading editor
    • Ya I just beat it but not at 20% HP I had fing auto on for the first node so I could read, when I got to the last node Madokami Magia'd the wave. I could of won if she didn't fire, hell mami was gonna doppel after her ffs.

      Also the Riko node just nuked it with Riz lol, I did use Madoka Yukata to clean up the rest but I might of nuked it if I put Riz in middle I forgot.

      Edit: Done did it I was Right Riz center 1 turn almost, 1 shot. 2 survived by a hair, so died to follow up atks. Boss went like this: MadoKami for def up then Holy Mami = like 1/4 dmg wtf boss, Then Mami doppel for 3/4, dat right bit_h, I could of ended it with Yachiyo's magia but was 20 away from her doppel and I had 3 acceles and I wanted to see it so I did that. 18/25 so I'll try the other paths tommorow when I have revivals.

        Loading editor
    • Done 25/25. F that was stupid hard wtf, they didn't need the traps, the fing bears do 5-7k dmg any way FFs.

        Loading editor
    • Want to hear something stupid: I left Magireco open auto-ing challenge 9 while rushing through the Atlantis chapter on FGO today. I have nearly emptied the shop. And I want to kill myself now...

        Loading editor
    • Well to be fair thats what you supposed to do. I mean Im at only 750k points in saber wars and I haven't even completed the shop. I really have to farm like a mad man.

        Loading editor
    • With today's daily I reached 1Million there and the shop is already empty (aside the CEs and monuments that I don't need). It's insane.

      And now the NA exclusive character hits Magireco. She seems to be utterly broken in PvP (if you got multiples of her, that is). But I must say her introduction is pure cringe. Good thing I don't have enough rolls to even try going for her.

        Loading editor
    • Well thats a first they even allowed to do that. And I'am gonna go for her. You wont belive what happened in Konosuba, they gave a free SSR ticket and I pull DUST. WHO THE F MADE HIM A SSR. T.T they did a paid GSSR for chance at Wiz or YunYun, and I get DUST T>T

      O ya I made it to 1.1M last nigh tonly 9k left hahahahahaha not even close to empty the shop fing drop rate.

        Loading editor
    • Behold the power of quarantined people: Today started a raid event on FGO JP and it was finished in less than two hours. I got exactly one run, then did a couple of free quests because I didn't know how to approach it and when I came back it was finished. Insanity. XD

        Loading editor
    • Ya I heard that happened lol. On a sadder note MY VPN services JP list got banned from playing Konosuba game.......... I'm trying everything to get it to work but I think I lost it........ I just lvld everyone up to boot. They are blocking Foreingers for w/e reason FFS T.T

        Loading editor
    • Yawn another sleepless night for me, anyway failed to get her. 1 multi away from pity, will wait for that free 10x tix. Sigh they were really bad rolls, min after min. I only got 2 copies of same 4* memoria, couldn't even get the other.

        Loading editor
    • (OoO)



        Loading editor
    • So... I assume you are sore about the spook by the dead girl?

      Well, at least you got something! That's far better than I expected to happen, I must admit.

        Loading editor
    • No that was my pity..... MY 5TH FING PITY IN A ROW NON RATE UP. 40% MAN 40%, 5 TIMES IN A ROW. Just how the f is that even possiable its my 8th spook, I saw the dark card and just screamed NOOOOOOO (there was no loading so I new). 4 Dark spooks in a row.

      I now own all dark girls cept the one who f'd me the most. I might be done with this game man 5x in a row rate ups a lie math is a lie. Honestly If I don't get Nagi-tan on Sunday I think I'm done.

      I went coins broke just to get there doppels to get 9 rolls for pity so with all those mats gone I'm now broke in everything.

        Loading editor
    • First: Ouch!

      Second: How the hell did you get that many gems already? I'm still stuck at 80 rolls. I hope you didn't pay for anything....

        Loading editor
    • Wat No Remember I got Madokami in 2 multis So I had alot. I was only 1 mutli away from pity, with tix from the event.

      This Crushed me man not only is she limited she is NA limited and I get my 5th spook. It broke me man, my Jaw was open for a good 10mins. (OoO) I did want Yukino but not like this not like this T.T

      EDIT: I miss counted its, 7 spooks. I literally went from this To that. Tho DOA did cost me 135k VStones total to get her, it was only my 4th multi on that banner. I was so happy once (2 days ago)

        Loading editor
    • You and your super strange games...

      In any case, today's free roll was successful for me. And yet I'm not really that sure whether I'm supposed to be happy about this:

      Himika dgdg

      Why the joke character?!?

      Well, at the very least I just noticed that I have every single fire character.

        Loading editor
    • Its DOAXVV. Its actually the first Gacha game I ever played and I had to stop playing for a bit do to my graphics card not being able to play it. Its also my luckiest game ever. Still the only Gacha game where I can get two SSR in one pull with low odds. and Im going to pity. 2 4* Memoria and notr even good ones, come sunday I might be done with this game. T.T

        Loading editor
    • Today seems intend on becoming a very lucky day:


      My very last Anime free roll on JP

      Granted, I would have loved to get one of the Magius, but I take what I can get.^^

        Loading editor
    • ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................BOOBS (ToT)

        Loading editor
    • And I'm Done, Nope Just F everything FFS This game Just loves to Troll me more than FGO.

      You win Game

        Loading editor
    • ... and next up is Homura! For fuck's sake, Reddit is having a meltdown!

      I am glad not to have rolled for Ashley and am now sitting on 110 rolls waiting to fail getting Homura.

        Loading editor
    • Nah


      Well i don't care I'm done anyway I'm gonna nope out.'

      Fin the lostbelt, F Ana.

        Loading editor
    • How did that happen? You used today's new rolls?

      Yeah, I finished the Lostbelt this weekend as well. And today spent all the quartz and all the tickets on the Caster banner. Didn't get a single Gilles, but Caster Cu is now NP5...

      Didn't get anything more rare either.

        Loading editor
    • Well when I login today bought the tix and saw I had 10. #8 gave me her on Ashley banner. Fuck Spooks I'm done with this shit. Math you failed me all hail Maths T.T couldn't even get Konoha FFS Nagitan. And i don't even like Homura anyway.

        Loading editor

                                                                        Please Forgive My Laughter

      I Have A Condition


      I Embrace the Darkness HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    • And you say your luck sucks! With just the free 10-roll I presume? You might have gotten spooked often, but the 1% probability seems firmly on your side!

      Meanwhile I really have to work on my patience, because I screwed up big time. I got Homura, but only after 90 awful rolls. In the past I used to roll for limited characters after a few days and usually the results spoke for themselves. I really need to pick that up again. But I really screwed up on JP this time. I thought to roll for April's Fools Rena, but apparently completely forgot to do math and am now stuck at 80 at the pity counter with no tickets and gems remaining. I guess I will spend a good chunk of this weekend haphazardly squeezing some gems out of the game for pity...


      Now I'm down to 30 rolls...

        Loading editor
    • Nope I used 2 10x Fate tix got Chidori 4* Memoria. I used the 6 tix from the event got two 4* Memoria only one was rate up. I had three single pulls left from getting the tix, was the second. I can't get pity but I can get a yolo F this game. I missed out on the NA exclusive for what/why.

        Loading editor
    • Still pretty damn lucky. And come on, the NA exclusive is pretty stupid as a character. Her entire introduction event felt some crappy self-insert fic.

      Meanwhile I am busy rushing through arc 2 on JP, and... things feel a little out of place...

      Team Skull

      Is this Team Skull attacking?!?

        Loading editor
    • It wasn't that she sucked it was  that every limited pity has been a spook 5/5. It makes no fing sense. 70% missed 5 times in a row. How just How.

        Loading editor
    • My fingers are numb... after I reached pity on JP I will have enough of Magireco for a lifetime... What have I done?!?

        Loading editor
    • Well at least you got the girl, I only get the Black Parade. Hell I'm preety sure the only reason I got Homura is my 3 Madoka and the game Troll's me. I mean the only girl I wanted to get is Holy Mami, i rerolled alot for Mami. Every other girl I wanted, Fate, Ashley, Konoha(ish), Kazumi, Nagi-tan etc the game spooks me T.T EVERY TIME. TBH I didn't even want Homura, thus the uncontrolable laughter.

        Loading editor
    • Are you kidding me? We are doing the Halloween event of Nagisa now in April? Now I have to do the same speed-rushing on NA, even though it seems highly unlikely for me to actually succeed in finding 50 rolls worth of gems in there. So I have to skip on Nagisa here... damn it...

        Loading editor
    • Well they really went greedy as they pit 3 limiteds b2b2b. And Ya I only got 1 multi, cuase the free and CQ are HasF.

        Loading editor
    • well got to 2Mill DracoCoins still the raids are easir than these stupid CQ tower. Im on 30 i think.

        Loading editor
    • So... you are talking about FGO and Magireco respectively?

      I must admit, I am extremely busy right now, which is why I don't really bother with FGO. Especially after just having played the exact same event last month on the US server. However in Magireco I finished the whole thing already a few days into the start of the event to be rid of it. I must say, this one was considerably easier than the last event of this style.

      Damn, I didn't even get to update my FGO lists. I continue to have no luck on NA (though unexpectedly I got Angra Mainyu recently on my free friend roll), however I got the God Emperor of Mankind on JP with a single yolo roll... that I did a week after already having invested 90SQ and got nothing.

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    • Ya I did the opposite. Focused on FGO, hit QP cap and went on a skill binge... lost alot good mats T.T. Magia I've just been doing the bare min to get the daily gems. The Raids go by so fast. I used tickets for both games, and got the 4* Memoria and 5* ECE lol nothing else.

        Loading editor
    • Umm ain't it a little early for Summer lol, also at 68 CQ. I get nuked so fast how did you do it.

      Also I got 2MLB At Trifas now lol I got 5 drops of it. I'm at 3,8Mil now and wasted 100 GApples and hit QP Cap 5 times.

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    • Mmh... my tricks were now twofold: If the enemies are difficult Magical Girls, field an Accele team to charge your Doppels, but let them die before firing them. Next time go in guns blazing. Madoka with her personal memoria is a god's end, but I am in the fortunate position to also have Karin, Suzune, Mitama and Rena to help her.

      If the enemies are tough witches... well, the above usually works as well. If not, stun-lock cheese tactic with only 3 units, in my case Mami, Holy Alina and Rumor Tsuruno, but Homura, Kanoko and Hayate do the job just as well. At least if RNG doesn't screw you over.

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    • Ya thats what I've been doing tho I only have 5 doppels. Yui/Mami/Saya's is weak ASF/Yacchy/Yakuza Madoka & Karin. I use bosses to charge MP and nuke the others. tho even with a team of Acceles I still don't get blue. still im at 70 I think now. Rena was bs once she started she just kept spamming.

      Whoops forgot about Tart & Liz. Liz's is awsome.

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    • So listen to this long rant sorry in advance.


      I get 5 five stars in FEBH and 4 of them were the same fing person. All I wanted was Older Edelgard T.T. I even got 2 5* in on the same chance both were green. I also got some random 5* cause there was no green for 6 5*............ I'm out of orbs again......this was 8% chance not 1 Edelgard there are only 3 greens on the banner I cant even get 1 copy instead I get 4 copies of a person I already have and got off a free pull.

      I use all my  gems in Konosuba got 23k trying to get the new Arue. You know I think they are unlimited to, but I hit a wall the game gets really hard and I need better units. they gave out 2 free 4* tickets and I did get a SS character she is new game char, but I still have to low a roster. 150 orbs gone, 23k jewels gone, Did 2 multis 10 tickets and 3000 stones, in DOAXVV got nothing. F man I wasted so much for nothing T.T


      I just roll in Symphogear game 1st roll "11 Roll Gacha No. 1:One 5* Symphogear card with Improved Drop Rate Guaranteed".............................................................Got both rate ups.... two copies of one and one of the other. Roll Senran Kagura get 3 new SSR from free daily. Its at 8%


      I use the 5 tickets from the event and get 1 3* Memoria for a free swimsuit......... so I want 2 more tickets so I use my 10x Fate weave... Get Min roll and non rate up 3* memorias.... two are on rate up and I get 0 Rate ups a lie.

      Worse of all I didn't even complete the CQ from the previous event I got stuck on Kure then Index. I nucked them with Doppels and Magias and they still lived. And crawled back from near death FFS.

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    • Can't say about those other games. But if you look at my old comments on the Wings event from the JP server you see that I had faced similar troubles back then when it originally aired. Some of these fights are just pure insanity. I'm not exactly sure what changed. Maybe it helps that I can now read Memorias and am more able to involve them in my strategies? Those Def-down/Curse memorias are nasty.

      In FGO NA I have pretty much all SQ and tickets from the last events with nothing to show for it. Well, yesterday I got an Atalante dupe, but given how hard it is to charge her NP, NP2 doesn't make much of a difference. In FGO JP I got myself Artoria with the free SSR ticket and am now waiting for tomorrow to fail for the 20th time to get Gilgamesh.

      In Magireco I must admit that I had stupidly made a push for Nagisa that certainly had me loose a few years of my life desperately squeezing those gems out of the game to get her from pity. Which means I have nothing to roll in the first of the four beach episodes, but already have managed to gather more than 50 rolls. So I guess the event after the next I can make some tries again? I must admit, I don't care all that much, I already got every single character that I absolutely needed. Now it's just the event versions of the Madoka Magica main cast that would be nice to have. Especially that New Year's Sayaka looks amazing.

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    • Lol that was just my Gacha luck it was worse. I got Ibaraki on SEMI/Amakusa/Atalanta rate up with 1 Ticket. Any way I dropped a jug of Orange juice craking the lid and spilling it all over the floor. Yesterday I dropped a plate of chiken bones and rice cause my hands were covered in BBQ sauce. Now for some reason the plate didn't brake, but I've been dropping shit all week.

      Also yesterday before the Chicken I shoved my phone in my sisters face saying look I keep getting nothing but 1 green, trying to summon Edelgard. She goes O you got her I say stop Fing with me, she goes no you really got her. I got Edelgard... only cost me 180+ orbs.

      Man so You some how got Nagisa FROM PITY, wonder what thats like. I did use ticekts on the thing and got nothing. Seems this week/last month was preety bad for me. I still can't belive I couldn't get 1 more 3* Memoria, now I gotta figure who not to get. I got Mamis first of course.

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    • Screenshot 20200505-111319

      Incoherent Screaming!

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    • Salt enter wounds. Sigh gratz i guess, He doesn't seem to be intrested in me.......cept WHEN HE CAS CUCKS ME!

      Also The Symphogear game is closing sigh It felt nice to get 5* but I get it. Also Also turns out I got a weak ish Edelgard (yup my luck), lowest atk, but I got High def...... Well I just wanted her. Tho the next Summon I do Is A: Free B: Fing Claud on a unrealted banner wasn't even rate up.

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    • To be fair, Gil refused my summons for 5 bloody years on NA. I have that account since the first year and he had always been one character I absolutely wanted. So that was a lot of suffering to get to this point. Now it will be interesting whether I can get Gilles on NA or Iskandar on JP first to finish my Fate/Zero collection. Given how bad my luck with Gilles has been so far, I dread the answer...

      Okay... with closing you mean the game shuts down? Sorry to hear that. Though to be fair, you have like a dozen gacha games to keep you busy! Heck, I'd say you gain in terms of freed up time! XD

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    • Ya Like I said before, on his first Banner 2 multis in min rolls, I knew then that he was never gonna come. I've thrown tickets at him and get crap. Wish I could of at least got Ishtar T.T

      And ya the games closing I new it would games that do free GSSR tend to close in NA, plus it was niche asf. Still It felt VERY NICE to get 5* so damn easy and on every banner, after days like the one I mentioned above.

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    • Mmh... I tried to complete my Gilgamesh luck my making another attempt at getting Scathach. Didn't work nearly as well. Used up all the tickets and the remaining SQ that I had been collecting for Gilgamesh and... ah... only got another Hessian rider. Who is now NP3. Not sure when this happened.

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    • Lol i don't even get 4*s but ya I'm not looking forward to thoses banners. I get 1 more shot at Ishtar next year for the anime. IF I get her there then I can try for Scathach again or Gil, cause I ain't gonna try for him at GilFes, I don't thnk I'll have any SQ left by then. Honestly got no Idea where all these SQ are gonna come from for all these banners sigh.

      Right now Im at 241SQ and am sitting on 1488 SQ fragments.

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    • Holy crap, that's a ton of rolls. I'm sitting on... absolutely nothing on either FGO accounts. XD

        Loading editor
    • Not really together it comes out to 455SQ, and if we take Summer2 and Oui as a min I don't have near enough. I'm saving for Skadi then the rest is for Jeanne Archer. IF I have any SQ left those will go to Eresh. THEN from X-mas Rerun and NY those 30 SQ are for Beni cause I really need a ST Saber.

      And I just did my only multi to get a min roll in Konsuba game which sucks cause a S rank char was on rate up and would slot right into a powerful team that I could make.

      Edelgard was a 1 off it seems, my luck is just garbage in any game it seems.

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    • Still. Also Magia Record really spoils you in regards to free rolls. I'm already back up to 60 rolls and now we get a little breather with the Nanaka event before the summer onslaught continues. Meanwhile I look at how the entire Gudaguda re-run gets you exactly 3 SQ and just shake my head about so much greed.

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    • I know and if you bring that up you get called and entitled prick, there really simps to DW man simps. I mean the free 5* is great......year 1 now its kinda dumb, most ppl have all the free 5* and if you didn't its Waver. they should of included Story locked, it is the least they could do.

      And ya I have 1607 gems, I keep throwing my tickets at the banner & I just g0t the 4* memoria, so I got all the main girls swimsuits. Sry Ren. You really think they will rush the swimwear girls out, I mean what they gonna do in August.

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    • You are talking about FGO JP where they handed out the first free SSR after 5 years of the game running? Yeah, that was kinda meh... though admittedly, I got myself Artoria and am making myself think that she attracted Gilgamesh to my account.^^ Yes, storylocked would have been nice as well, though I must admit there aren't any storylocked 5-stars that interest me except Cu Alter who everyone desperately wants.

      Yes, I do think they will rush the beach episodes. For August we will have the 2020 summer events!

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    • I have NP2 Artoria.... all I got from it was NP1 Squrtile?. And I would of gone with Sitoni I like Illya plus Arts, that or LArtoria to help with my Farm game. See decision, while in NA if I don't get Waver its Waver why the F would it be anyone but. I read in the Okki page about ppl picking her instead of Waver, I was like wow what a waste.

      Also why do they want to catch up to JP for Magia, wont JP be pissed at us?

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    • Well, it is certainly the case that they intend simultaneous releases for both servers down the line. No idea why... At some point I ended up musing that they want to merge servers and give the ability to switch between languages, but I feel like that is far too much of a hassle to make it worthwhile.

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    • Ya they really should launch games for both NA and JP. Would just be easier and less likely to be censored. They would make alot of money that way.  That or at least an eng interface would be nice.

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    • Lol You know what I said about Konosuba.......well I had enough for 1 multi thx to twitter shit...... no SSR animaton 1st card the new Arue that I spent 26k trying to get on first day...... Iris was the S rank one I wanted tho, her plus the 2 I have make the strongets ATK unit in the game le sigh..... new banner today.

      Also I gotta stop wasting tickets I used the 3 from the event on light banner in the...... I just wanted Nagitan, got nothing of course. Tho I did update my profile for this page. And got bond 10 TamaCat.

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    • You Know I said it before and I'll say it again, RATE UP IS A LIE, A FUCKING LIE. Sure you get Gil I get Emiya

      Check my FGO profile T.T. With 10 tickets.

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    • So... I take it you tried to fish for Okita, huh? Ah... well... 10 tickets and getting a 4-star is actually pretty good. Like I said, Gilgamesh took me five years on JP.

      Also on NA I haven't gotten anything in a while. I must admit, I am anxiously waiting for the summer re-run and my last chance to get Nitocris...

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    • "Cough" check my caster slot "cough".

        Loading editor
    • Uhm... Illya?

        Loading editor
    • Lower in the servants area. same line as Nito.

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    • Whoa, Anastasia! Didn't see that one at first. Mmh... well, I'm sorry about Okita, but it seems Anastasia is pretty good and has good synergy with your Nitocris and Gilgamesh. And since you have Illya, you never have to worry about single target Casters anyway.

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    • Well Ya till you find out NP2 Nito is stronger than Her lol, Also you must suck at eye spy/where's Waldo if you never noticed my Illya lol. Any way I needed a ST Saber more than another AOE Caster Sigh, plus Okita is good with Skadi dbl Sigh. Now I really gotta try for Beni. I also only got two super succ so I burned through my ember stock pile which sucks and now I got nothing left for Izo boy(Tickets/embers). I don't know why I went for it, I just heard this voice saying go for it. She was my 10th/last tickets too Viy.

      Seriously tho I havent seen rate up in a LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG time. TBH I had a strange feeling that I would one day be spooked by her..... just wish it wasn't on a limited banner that I wasn't summing on. Still better than Okki. That one Im never gonna stop being salty on, who misses 2 rate up servants and losses, This guy thats who.

      EDIT: So I took a look at this  Turns out she is stronger than NP2 Nito, tho her skills are 8/8/8. Also I should run her with CuckerGil and Tama.

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    • Oh my god, lol. There is a guaranteed 4-star girl for 400 gems in the event shop of the JP version of Magia Record and I don't have enough gems to get it... Gnarf...

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    • Well Thats a first lol for alot of games. Im at 2086 gems and now the new Idol girl is out. Told ya It wouldn't be another swimsuit. to many limiteds in a row, gotta throw in a few unlimited in the mix.

      Oh ya I forgot to show off  If it wasn't for this It would be 4th Months of non rate ups ffs. I also got Ayane in the 2nd multi, this was the third.

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    • Well, I'm the last one to complain that my prediction didn't turn true (yet). And with the anniversary looming ever closer, it is good that I have just gone above 100 rolls and get just another 'relaxing' event.

      Funnily enough, I did play a bit on the JP server again to get the 400 gems together. My freebie character ended up Livia:


      Not sure what to think of that...

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    • Ya heard she ain't that good, seems all void users suck. And with the Idol event I should have enough for pity, got no tix tho kept spamming them for nothing. Wonder what they'll do for Anni. Iro/Ya, Tree girl Or hell this years JP. I also just did Madokami to 5 so with Sakura I now have 11(10) doppels, Updated my profile to reflect not that any one views it. Just good to look at when the game is closed.

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    • Congrats. I must admit I stopped counting my Doppels... not that they do me any good anyway. I just tried out the EX-Challenge mission trying to rush it with my best Accele team and got a harsh reminder why I never even bothered trying these in JP. I probably could take the first mission with a little luck and a few more attempts, but I seriously don't have the time for that. And that only for 10 gems in the off chance that you manage to take all 5 of these ludicrous battles.

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    • Ya I tried the EX just to get stomped on. I hate not doing DMG in a game and having no control over it. Honestly its pretty much how my Mirror ranks went lo B every timel. As for the doppels I like to keep things In order plus it helps during CQ to know who to use if I forget.

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    • Lol the just announced Summer 2/Iroha easy skip.

        Loading editor
    • SO ya I don't want Iroha at all but her Memoria on the other hand is actually somthing I could use....... So I do 16 tix and boy do I get Memoria but not 1 rate up at all so no swimsuit tickets for me. I even got a 4* Memoria but of course its a common one FFS this is some Carnival rigging I call shenanigans, shenanigans,shenanigans.

      EDIT: LOL I got SOOOOO pissed that I could not get even 1 copy of the 3* Memoria rate up my ass. That I used my 10x ticket that I bought and I got the 4* memoria FFS it was a horriable roll but I got it. Still calling shenanigans, made me waste my 10x.

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    • And THAT is why I try to avoid day 1 rolls. Well, that and the fact that I have been headlessly rolling all I have in both FGO accounts and only got a weird ass dino lady for my trouble.

      Oddly enough... I do think I will try my hand at getting Iroha at some point. I have enough for pity and frankly, I have all the limited characters I really want from the game, so why not. Let's see whether the winds of RNG change in the oncoming days.

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    • Well I've thrown every ticket in FGO that we got and all I have to show for it is Anastasia/Emiya/Ibaraki rate up am I right. I'm gonna waste my final 10 on Mo/Tama rate up Friday, all my SQ are for Skadi and those FP.

      And I hate Iroha plus she kinda sucks so I'll wait for summer Sakura to go to pity and not get her. I just reallly needed tis Memoria cause Im the person who goes Tama/Squrtile/Waver and gets QQBBA 3 hands in a row. I don't fare muche better with 3 Acceles so this will really help. FING RNG/MATHS. I Mean Math says this has a low % chance yet thats all I hit.

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    • ...

      I screwed this one up.


      So... I was under the impression that luck was upon me. I got one super success after another and when I rolled, I got the 4-star event memoria again and again and again.

      Unfortunately I never got a 4-star character. Only masses of 3-stars. Until reached pity. Not a water card, but forest. I prayed for Alina even though I my first thought that it was certainly another Mami. And so it was.

      There go my saving for the moment. I hope we get plenty of free rolls during the anniversary...

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      Been watching Dragon Ball Super. Still ticks me off that you got so many of the Memoria, when I get to pity I get maybe two of the event 4* Memoria and loads of non rate ups, F man I don't even get the 3* half the time for some reason. Also was Iroha really the mountain you wanted to die on?

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    • I got 5 copies of the 4-star memoria and 4 copies of the 3-star memoria. So yes, I have all the outfits and managed the empty the shop without worrying too much. It's also nice that I already bounced back to 70 rolls. I guess I will be ready by the time the anniversary event hits.

      As a retaliation for your schadenfreude, let me tell you a story about yesterdays login into FGO JP. Because apparently my luck in that version is far beyond anything on any NA server. I haven't gotten anything in ages on FGO NA and wasted all my savings just to get a single copy of Izo. But FGO JP is currently rerunning last year's summer event where I got almost everyone. I had decided not to play the re-run because I lack the time right now, but when I yesterday saw that there is still a lonesome Osakabehime gacha on and she was the only one of the current bunch I haven't got, I decided it would be fun to throw in that single ticket I still had.

      I pulled a second copy of Musashi instead.

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    • MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA So what Musashi sucks so who cares meanwhile I got this cute SSR outfit and it only cost me everything I had  😗😗. BUT thats not all. In FEBH I also pulled Xmas Sothis at 6% but out of 4 greens plus it could of been the other rate up one. I speant everything I had when she first came out. BUT thats not all I pulled another 5* from a free pull and got Bride Cordillea.... who sucks but hey 2 free 5*.....after using all my orbs and not get anything from multiple banners.... How do you like that Beers.

      EDIT: BEEEEERRRRRSSSS You rigged my gacha I was pulling on Bride Tharja and got my 4th copy of that useless Erica curse you BEERS. nnnnnmmmmmmm Rate up curse you.

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    • Yo this sucks man Ch 10 is way to hard and every time I try to go into battle the app crashes and closes every time. I mean I first I lost the play again run function then it was cutsences still play every time I fight during events wtf man. Sigh bluestacks.

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    • Oh no... I remember the game had similar hickups on JP. It's really not fun. I hope I can get through it for a second time...

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    • So its not just me good to know. but I cant watch the ingame cut scenes for some reason Bluestacks don't like this games video files. I mean some do play but others like Homura's summon cut scene just doesn't play. Also that moth is a fing pain in the ass to kill. I have one friend that has a MAX Fate and I have to get her Magia, cause it is a 1HKO.

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    • All you need is two Yachiyos, that'll do the trick. ;)

        Loading editor
    • What no. I cheated and Brought Madoka with her Memoria and MADE Accele disks get drawn and nuked it with Magia..... But I forgot to connect so I had to do it again FFS. The stupid immune to everything and drain mp fing cheap. I build and Arts team I get QQBBA I build an Accele team I get BBCCA wtf. O and I love loggin in to mirriors and seeing 5W23L........

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    • Well I just farmed the hell out of the SpTr and got both Iroha/Homura and Suzune to 5. So now all I got to do is all of Homura' story and I'll get her Doppel... But it cost me alot of coins and mats. Wish It didn't cost so bloody much to enhance essh man.

      Also I now have 3021gems which is 670 summons?

        Loading editor
    • Uhm... that sounds to me more like 120 rolls... And I myself am nearing 1500 gems and 40 tickets, so 100 rolls again for the anniversary. I'm curious about whether we get free rolls like in the second year anniversary...

      And yes, the coin costs are ridiculous. I was level-grinding Iroha and Sana last event and couldn't awaken Iroha in the end because I lacked the funds.

        Loading editor
    • I think it means 670 single summons and includes FP? I don't know just found that weird. And ya I used so many coins cause I just doppeled Homura & increased Suzune's magia to 3 plus I lvld/4*d Iroha for some dumb reason. BACK IN THE POOR HOUSE FOR ME. I just got out of it too T.T.

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    • That number on the summon tab is for the Friend Point rolls only though.

      ... and now the announcement for the anniversary event arrived and it's indeed just the boring first anniversary with the exception of having a separate Ashley gacha. Maybe I should try going for her this time? Eh... And we will get a whole lot more free rolls. Hope to get some of the Magius for a change.

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    • Ya I just saw Its Ashley or MadoKami. I want my revenge, plus her doppel is commin to.

      On a more sour note I can't watch cutsences and summonings that I could before. I'm thinking it might just be my computer over BS. The only way to test this is if my sister downloads BS, then the game, then does the tutorial to finally get the summmons. Also if you start now you can choose your 5*. I downloaded BS 64bit then played the game again JUST to find out IT IS THE SAME T.T wasted an hour.

      EDIT: Well I just finished ten and honestly I got my ass handed to me. The first two nodes was just horriable. I couldn't clear it without 1 or more girls diying, so I cheated. I made a full Madoka team and used her Memoria + connects to just Magia the three waves almost didn't work (1 came so close to dead but they attacked a diff one lol). Then for Super stuner she just spammed her danm dazzle and F'd me up. Managed to do it but down to 2 girls with very low hp. As for the Final one 1st try I had My MAX Fate and she just nuked it with her Magia. I think with the right Memoria she could of solod it. REALLY wish I had my own Fate and Nonoha didn't realize how godly they are. Stupid RATE UP.

      Anyway I'm kinda pissed I have to wait a week for Ashley only cause I don't want it to come out around the same time Skadi comes out. I don't wanna leech my Luck, now Im really worried.

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    • Sniffile Q.Q sniffile I just used 6 tickets on the Tree banner and got Madoka........ I'm afraid to pull on Ashley now...... I'll edit this later Im to scared to pull right now T.T




      I only MLB 1 of her memoria too.
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    • But you got her? Didn't I understand that right? Three four stars in 120 pulls and you complain... Meanwhile I have forgotten how the "You've got a four star!" preview card looks like. I used the Ashley banner to gauge my luck for the free premium roll. 20 rolls on Ashley's banner and I didn't get anything on either in the end. I only pull with pity it seems.

      Even though it's weird how I manage to get some dupes on FGO JP with pretty much no gems whatsoever. In addition to Musashi I tried again for Ruler Artoria and got Medusa Lancer and another Okita Assassin. On FGO NA I'm just saving for Nitocris however.

      Edit: Nevermind, I got Ashley. On my 40th roll though. So... My reserves are now too depleted to make a try at Sakura. Attempts to get anything from the daily free rolls still look grim though.

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    • No I only used 6 tickets on the Sakura banner to get Madoka. I also went to pity on Ashleys banner to get another Madoka, then I did 4 more Multis and got Ashley, all my funds are now gone too. 9 pity summons in a row of NON RATE UP SPOOKS.

      Also I've gotten nothing but 4* Memorias from the free anni summons, so nothing too.

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    • Meh I threw all the Fate tix I could get and my last 2 multis On Tree and nothing. Sucks but hey I didn't really want her anyway.

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    • Damn, don't throw rolls at the gacha when you don't have enough to go pity!

      A recommendation I should have considered when I wasted my only 60 rolls on JP to get the Sander Cohen bunny girl... and didn't get anything.

      And today's free 10-roll was also a dupe, but this means tomorrow I will be able to reach pity. I'm hoping for a Magius member, but I am well aware that it will probably be just another Mami. XD

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    • Ya I only had 2 and said F it, I guess I wanted Vindication. Sigh Mine will probably be Madoka........ for 3 in a row T.T

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    • ... aaaaand I... kinda got a Magius? Though not one of the leaders, I just got Ikumi. But hey, at least someone new.^^

      And I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by her characterization despite the whole maid nonsense, so that's definitely a plus.

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    • Well mines tomorrow. I want Nagi Tan but its probably gonna be Madoka. On worse news I spent every thing I had In DOAXVV cause Marie had a new suit, I wanna collect all Marie's. Didn't get her but got Kokoro instead, I hate Kokoro so I kept pulling. Sigh I think there is a manga collab next or they will release the new girl.... I did dumb.

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