Titles are a cosmetic system in the game that shows off your achievements. They can be obtained from clearing Main Story Quests, Magical Girl Story Quests, Enhancing Magical Girls, Completing Kimochi Battles, and from Events.

Setting Title

Titles can be set from the Player Profile Screen by pressing the Change Title (称号変更) button.

Acquiring Titles

Titles can be obtained from:

Viewable Locations

After a Title has been set, it will appear in the Supports Follows, Followers, and Search Screens, Mirrors Opponent Selection Screen, and Supports Selection Screen.

Titles List


Name Translation Acquisition Notes
設定なし No Setting - No Title Set
??? ??? - Locked

Main Story

Name Translation Acquisition Notes
失われた願いの形 Form of a Lost Wish Clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 1
ウワサの噂 Rumor of the Uwasa Clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 2
魔女とは非なるもの Something Unlike a Witch Clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 3
求めた旧友の寄る辺 That Which the Sought-Out Old Friend Turns To Clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 4
ウワサと魔女を守る者 Protectors of Uwasa and Witches Clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 5
告白と洗脳 Confessions and Brainwashing Clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 6
のんびりと剥いた牙 Relaxation and Fangs Bared Clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 7
4人を繋ぐ桜 The Sakura Linking the Four Clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 8
花を咲かせるは聖堂の主 The Chapel's Master Causes the Flower to Bloom Clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 9
今、ここにある温もり Warmth Felt Right Here, Right Now Clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 10
解放を求める者たち Seekers of Liberation Clear Main Story Arc 2 Chapter 1
燻る火種は火を上げて Smoldering Coals Light a Fire Clear Main Story Arc 2 Chapter 2
秘めた想いへの悟り Enlightenment Toward Hidden Feelings Clear Main Story Arc 2 Chapter 3

Magical Girl Story

Name Translation Acquisition Notes
[Character name]の想い [Character name]'s Feelings Clear Episode 3 of a given Magical Girl Story Background color varies depending on the girl's attribute

Enhance Magical Girl

Name Translation Acquisition Notes
[Character name]の輝き [Character name]'s Shine Enhance a given Magical Girl to Level 80 for the first time Background color varies depending on the girl's attribute

Release Doppel of Magical Girl

Name Translation Acquisition Notes
沈黙と妹を呼ぶ声 Silence and a Sister-Calling Voice Release Tamaki Iroha's Doppel
モギリ見送った同胞たち Comrades Seen Off, with Tickets Taken Release Nanami Yachiyo's Doppel
団欒と偉業の壁 Wall of Harmony and Great Deeds Release Yui Tsuruno's Doppel
無色透明な自分と家族の影 A Transparent Self and a Family's Shadow Release Futaba Sana's Doppel
攪拌された願いの真実 A Mixed and Churned Wish's Truth Release Mitsuki Felicia's Doppel
生業は平凡な少女からの乖離 Livelihood Brings Estrangement from Average Girls Release Azusa Mifuyu's Doppel
白昼夢は宇宙の真理 Daydreams are the Truth of the Universe Release Satomi Touka's Doppel
熱病は恍惚となる芸術 Fever is Enrapturous Artwork Release Alina Gray's Doppel
変身と不器用な自己否定 Transformation and Awkward Self-Denial Release Minami Rena's Doppel
自戒と間の悪い恋情 Self-Admonition and Ill-Timed Affection Release Togame Momoko's Doppel
陣取りは憩いの場を求めて Encampment Seeks of a Place of Repose Release Akino Kaede's Doppel
枕探しと怪盗少女の後悔 Banditry and the Phantom Thief Girl's Regret Release Misono Karin's Doppel
猛進と視野狭き思い込み Reckless Advance and Shortsighted Assumptions Release Tatsuki Asuka's Doppel
遺言は夭折して残す物語 Last Testament is a Story Left by an Early Passing Release Hiiragi Nemu's Doppel
受難は皆の癒しと共に Suffering Accompanies Everyone's Relief Release Tamaki Ui's Doppel
解体と平等たりえぬ怒り Dismantlement and Anger Lacking in Equality Release Izumi Kanagi's Doppel
メメントモリは学び舎の中 Memento Mori Lies Within the Schoolhouse Release Yakumo Mitama's Doppel
隔絶は望まぬ妹との別れ Separation is an Unwanted Parting with a Younger Sister Release Amane Tsukuyo's Doppel
無縁は幾歳の姉との時間 Unrelated is the Time Spent With an Elder Sister of Many Years Release Amane Tsukasa's Doppel
忠勤は死地へ共に行く馬 Servitude is a Horse Accompanying One into Certain Death Release Kirari Hikaru's Doppel
悪果はゲームで逃がせない Bad Results Can't be Escaped via Games Release Kasane Ao's Doppel
安寧をもたらす日の本の刃 Peace-Bringing Blade of the Land of the Rising Sun Release Tokime Shizuka's Doppel
より抜きも不要な悪の世は Such is the World of Evil, Needless of Selection Release Hiroe Chiharu's Doppel
諦念は友殺しの過去から Resignation is Born from an Amicidal Past Release Toki Sunao's Doppel
隔意して縋る小さな自尊心 Small Self-Esteem, Clung to Amidst Alienation Release Miyabi Shigure's Doppel
虚勢は承認欲求の裏返し False Bravado is an Inversion of the Desire for Recognition Release Azumi Hagumu's Doppel
- Release Yakumo Mikage's Doppel
放浪は赤色の教室で Wandering Lies in a Crimson Classroom Release Sawa Sudachi's Doppel
求愛と戻らない母の愛 Courtship and an Unreturning Mother's Love Release Sasame Yozuru's Doppel
苦界は誰も救えない運命 The World of Suffering is a Fate of Saving Nobody Release Livia Medeiros's Doppel
みかづき荘を繋ぐ7つの絆 Seven Bonds Connecting Mikazuki Villa Release Little Kyubey's second Magia
沈黙と波間に揺れる浮輪 Silence and a Rubber Ring Drifting Amidst the Waves Release Tamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.)'s Doppel
夢に見る7年前の幼き日 Young Days from 7 Years Ago, Seen in Dreams Release Yachiyo & Mifuyu (Origin ver.)'s Doppel
団欒と怠惰の楽土 Paradise of Harmony and Slothfulness Release Rumor Tsuruno's Doppel
攪拌される酪農製品 Mixed and Churned Dairy Products Release Felicia-chan's Doppel
熱病は魂が渇求する破壊 Fever is Destruction Craved by the Soul Release Holy Alina's Doppel
変身はアイドル愛と共に Transformation Accompanies Idol Love Release Rena-chan (Idol ver.)'s Doppel
自戒する仮装シスター A Self-Admonishing Costumed Sister Release Togame Momoko (Sister ver.)'s Doppel
解体と悼みの答え探す吸血鬼 Dismantlement and a Vampire Searching for the Answer to Mourning Release Izumi Kanagi (Vampire ver.)'s Doppel
メメントモリと歌留多の舞 Memento Mori and a Dance of Karuta Release Yakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.)'s Doppel
絶縁無縁だったはずの夏 A Summer That was Meant to be Isolated and Unrelated Release Amane Sisters (Mizugi ver.)'s Doppel
解放薬はビッグな★4の予感 Uncap Pills are a Premotion of a BIG 4-Star Release Iroha-chan's second Magia
水しぶきは青春の輝き Splashing Water is the Shine of Youth Release Rena & Kaede (Mizugi ver.)'s second Magia
穢れ絶つ羽を授かる希望の矢 Arrow of Hope Bestowed by Impurity-Erasing Feathers Release Iroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.)'s Doppel
慈悲と救済の優しき祈り Gentle Prayer of Mercy and Salvation Release Kaname Madoka's Doppel
業因は時を巡る糸 Karma is a String Cycling Through Time Release Akemi Homura's Doppel
閉鎖回路は此岸の淵を覗く A Closed Loop Gazes into the Mortal Shore's Abyss Release Akemi Homura (Megane ver.)'s Doppel
恋慕に溺れる人魚の心 Lovesickness is a Drowning Mermaid's Heart Release Miki Sayaka's Doppel
ご招待は優雅な紅茶の香り Invitation is the Elegant Scent of Black Tea Release Tomoe Mami's Doppel
自棄の果てに燻る思い Feelings that Smolder at the Edge of Self-Abandonment Release Sakura Kyouko's Doppel
執着の亡者は空より来たる The Tenacious Departed Soul Descends from the Sky Release Momoe Nagisa's Doppel
慈悲の恵みは賀正の重み A Merciful Blessing is the Weight of a "Happy New Year!" Release Kaname Madoka (Haregi ver.)'s Doppel
慈悲なき必殺まどキック Merciless Certain-Kill Madokick Release Madoka-senpai's Doppel
みんなの信じた希望はここに The Hope that Everyone Believed In is Right Here Release Ultimate Madoka's second Magia
閉鎖回路はココナッツ日和 A Closed Loop is a Fine Day for Coconuts Release Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.)'s Doppel
恋慕の書き初めは勝訴の誓い Lovesick New Year's Calligraphy is a Vow of a Winning Case Release Miki Sayaka (Haregi ver.)'s Doppel
礼拝と救いの聖なる光輪 Worship and the Holy Halo of Salvation Release Holy Mami's Doppel
常夏の陽気に咲く花火 Fireworks Blooming in the Cheer of Eternal Summer Release Tomoe Mami (Mizugi ver.)'s Doppel
自棄に溺れず波間に遊ぶ Play Amidst the Waves, Drowning Not in Self-Abandonment Release Kyouko Sakura (Mizugi ver.)'s Doppel
執着の天使はチョコがお好き The Tenacious Angel Simply Adores Chocolate Release Momoe Nagisa (Valentine's ver.)'s Doppel
軽惚と伸びない身長 Imprudence and Ungrowing Height Release Miyako Hinano's Doppel
表裏に咲き乱れる復讐の花 Flowers of Revenge, Bloomingly Madly on Both Sides Release Tokiwa Nanaka's Doppel
誘惑と閃くお悩み解決 Temptation and Sudden Problem-Solving Inspiration Release Kisaki Emiri's Doppel
集客と食べて欲しい店の味 Customer-Gathering and the Store's Taste that One Wants them to Eat Release Kurumi Manaka's Doppel
勇み足と戸惑いの記された本 Book Recording Missteps and Hesitation Release Natsume Kako's Doppel
安眠を求める功夫者の夢 Dream of a Kung Fu Master Seeking Peaceful Sleep Release Chun Meiyui's Doppel
包括された友情の四つ葉 Enveloped Four-Leaf Clover of Frienship Release Aino Mito's Doppel
我慢と壊したくない家族 Endurance and the Family One Doesn't Wish to Shatter Release Awane Kokoro's Doppel
退屈は危険な遊戯のあとで Boredom Follows a Dangerous Game Release Nanase Yukika's Doppel
反駁を繰り返す混沌 Chaos that Lashes Out with Repeated Rebuttal Release Sarasa Hanna's Doppel
離散と貧しくも確かな家族愛 Dispersal and Impoverished, Yet Strong Familial Love Release Mao Himika's Doppel
偏食と限りなき食欲 Unbalanced Diet and Limitless Appetite Release Wakana Tsumugi's Doppel
電令する純粋な悪意への拒絶 Pure Rejection of Malice, Issued via Electric Command Release Isuzu Ren's Doppel
報復の蝶は躑躅の花にとまる The Butterfly of Retribution Rests Atop an Azalea Release Shizumi Konoha's Doppel
寵愛と献上させる愛らしさ Favoritism and Devotion-Inducing Loveliness Release Kozue Mayu's Doppel
職責とお友だちに会える場所 Responsibility and a Place to Meet Freinds Release Fumino Sayuki's Doppel
手繰る情景はお弁当の中に The Reeled-in View is Tucked Into a Bento Box Release Chiaki Riko's Doppel
開示された導きのタロット The Disclosed Tarot of Guidance Release Anna Meru's Doppel
土葬された過去へのレンズ Lens to a Past Buried in the Earth Release Komachi Mikura's Doppel
桜の物語の静かな微笑み The Sakura Tale's Soft, Tranquil Smile Release Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura's second Magia
共鳴りするギターの調べ The Resonating Guitar's Melody Release Yukino Kanae's Doppel
不満を零す令嬢の空白 Emptiness of the Heiress who Murmurs of Dissatisfaction Release Kaharu Yuuna's Doppel
郷愁呼び覚ます駄菓子の味 The Nostalgia-Rousing Flavor of Sweets Release Kazari Jun's Doppel
衆目集めと笑顔届けたい舞台 Eye-Catching and the Stage Where One Wants to Deliver Smiles Release Makino Ikumi's Doppel
盲目なれど真実を映す天門眼 Heavengate Eyes that, While Blind, Display the Truth Release Mizuki Rui's Doppel
愚直に進む正義の第一歩 The First Step of Justice, Made in Stubborn Honesty Release Natsu Ryouko's Doppel
オーロラでキラ盛りな夜空に Paint a Dazzling Night Sky with Auroras Release Rika & Ren (Christmas ver.)'s second Magia
海のお友達と玉手箱の物語 Ocean Friends and the Treasure Box's Tale Release Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura (Mizugi ver.)'s second Magia
煩悶を呼ぶ未来の情景 Agony-Summoning View of the Future Release Mikuni Oriko's Doppel
篭絡された盲信者の愛 The Inveigled Blind Believer's Love Release Kure Kirika's Doppel
生命と空腹のフルコース Full Course of Life and Hunger Release Kazumi's Doppel
愛と絶望のベストセラー Best-Seller of Love and Despair Release Misaki Umika's Doppel
浄火の十字架に乙女は祈る La Pucelle Prays to the Cross of Sacred Fire Release Tart's Doppel
妄執は寄り添う影へと沈み Obsession Sinks into the Shadow that Draws Close Release Riz Hawkwood's Doppel
消滅は心震わす憤怒の果て Destruction Lies at the End of Heart-Trembling Wrath Release Melissa de Vignolles's Doppel
誇負を宿せし火竜の気高き Nobility of the Fire Dragon in which Pride Dwells Release Elisa Celjska's Doppel
天国の光が闇を滅す Heaven's Light Annihilates the Darkness Release Tart (Final ver.)'s second Magia
約束と残された鈴のお守り A Promise and the Bell Charm Left Behind Release Amano Suzune's Doppel
夢見と忘れていた友だち Dreaming and a Forgotten Friend Release Hinata Matsuri's Doppel
臆病と差し伸べられた手 Cowardice and an Outstretched Hand Release Narumi Arisa's Doppel

Kimochi Battles

Name Translation Acquisition Notes
キモチを統べる少女 Girls who Command the Kimochi Assigned to S Rank Group Pleased Sapphire Lips
キモチを操る少女 Girls who Control the Kimochi Assigned to A Rank Group Pleased Sapphire Lips
キモチを知る少女 Girls who Know the Kimochi Assigned to B Rank Group Pleased Sapphire Lips
エクセレントマッチング Excellent Matching The assigned S Rank Group reached Top 5 Pleased Sapphire Lips
グットマッチング Good Matching The assigned A Rank Group reached Top 5 Pleased Sapphire Lips
ベターマッチング Better Matching The assigned B Rank Group reached Top 5 Pleased Sapphire Lips
Reach 1st Place in the assigned S Rank Group Pleased Sapphire Lips
洗練されたチーム A Well-Refined Team Reach 1st Place in the assigned A Rank Group Pleased Sapphire Lips
息の合ったチーム A Well-Coordinated Team Reach 1st Place in the assigned B Rank Group Pleased Sapphire Lips


Name Translation Acquisition Notes
百禍を散らした少女たち Girls who Scattered the Hundred Calamities Complete Hundred Calamities Challenge I, II, & III from Lets go to Zen Shin Sai! ~Our Small Break Time~
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