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Start-up Screen

Account Transfer - Transfer (mobile) or link (PC) an existing accountClear Cache - deletes local game dataPlay the opening video (available after completing Chapter 3)Player ID - share this to gain followers!Touch anywhere on the screen to go to the Home ScreenTutorial Start Screen
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Home Screen

View your Profile CardYour current Player Rank and Player XP. Fight story battles to gain ranks.Your current Magia Stone balance. Click the + to purchase more stonesYour current Action Points (AP). AP is required to play the story and recharges at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes. Alternatively, click on the + to use an AP Potion.Show/Hide the buttons on the screen.Manage your Magical GirlsManage your MemoriaGacha - Spin for new Magical Girls and Memoria. The number in the corner indicates how many spins you have for the Normal Gacha.View your Missions and collect rewards. A number in the corner indicates you have rewards available.Visit the in-game ShopsCurrent event banners. Clicking on these take you to the respective event or Gacha.Manage your various Magical Girl teamsCurrent event story, if one is running. The date shown is the last day of the event.Story - play through the game's story modesMirrors - visit the PVP realm, and fight teams created by other playersEvent box - only available for certain events, these contain limited-time giftsYour featured Magical Girl - click on her to hear her voice linesToggle your featured Magical Girl's costumes. Costumes are obtained through Events, the Shop, and Magical Girl Personal Story ChaptersSettings, Friends List, Archive, etc.Read the latest game update newsCollect gifts such as free Magical Girls and Magia StonesTutorial Home Screen
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Your Profile Card

Close Profile Card and return to the Home ScreenYour player name. You can change this in your SettingsYour current player Rank and XP. Play through the story modes to gain ranksYour Player ID. Share this get more followers!The number of people you are following. As you gain ranks you will be able to follow more people (maximum 50)The number of people who follow youYour current Magia Stone balanceYour current CC balanceYour current Mirrors Coin balanceYour current chapter in the Mirrors Story, and Mirrors Point total.Your total wins in MirrorsYour medal from the last Ranked Mirrors seasonClick to manage your SupportsYour Supports for other playersChange the Home Screen background. Backgrounds can normally be obtained from Shops and EventsChange your featured Magical Girl via the Magical Girl MenuYour greeting for other players. Click on the button to change it.Tutorial Profile Card
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Return to the Home ScreenView an uncollected giftsCollect all uncollected giftsView your gift history (includes login bonuses and Missions)Show/Hide the main menuTutorial Presents
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Close News and return to the Home ScreenGeneral announcementsMaintenance downtime announcementsGeneral app updatesCurrent event bannersNews archive. Click on an article to read it.Tutorial News
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Translated news articles are regularly posted on the Magia Record Discord Channel

Settings, Etc.

Close this menu and return to the Home ScreenView the ArchiveView your ItemsManage your FriendsView basic game guides (Japanese)Manage your settingsTutorial Settings
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Return to the Home ScreenShow/Hide the main menuView Magical Girl profilesReplay stories without battlesView Witch, Rumor, and Familiar profilesView Doppel profilesView Memoria profilesTutorial Archive
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