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[ (1)] [ (2)]
[ (1)] [ (2)]
! [[Kamihama Rarity Star]]
! [[Kamihama Rarity Star]]
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! [[The Ephemeral Summer Night]]
! [[The Ephemeral Summer Night]]
| Youtube:
| Youtube:
[ (1)] [ (2)]
[ (1)] [ (2)]
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|[ Youtube]
! [[Amane Tsukasa]]
! [[Amane Tsukasa]]
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|[ Youtube]
! [[Elisa Celjska]]
! [[Elisa Celjska]]
|[ Youtube]
! [[Eri Aimi]]
! [[Eri Aimi]]
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|[ Youtube]
! [[Sarasa Hanna]]
! [[Sarasa Hanna]]
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|Youtube<br />
|Youtube<br />
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[ (1)] [ (2)] [ (3)] [ (4)][ (5)] [ (6)] [ (7)]
[[Category:Info Hub‏‎]]
[[Category:Info Hub‏‎]]

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Main Story

Arc 1

Chapter Community TL Link & Translator NA Version Link
Prologue Youtube Clione Youtube
Chapter 1 Dragoncookie
Youtube Clione
Google Docs Cookiemoon
Chapter 2 Youtube Clione Youtube
Google Docs Cookiemoon
Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Chapter 3 Youtube Clione Youtube
Google Docs Cookiemoon
Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Chapter 4 Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Chapter 5 Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube:
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7 CarVac
Chapter 6 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7 CarVac Youtube:
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
Chapter 7 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, 7.8, 7.9, 7.10, 7.11, 7.12, 7.13, 7.14, 7.15, 7.16, 7.17, 7.18 CarVac Youtube: (1-3) (4-6) (7-9)
Chapter 8 Everyone, Felicia, Kaede, Kanagi, Mitama, Momoko, Rena, Tsuruno, Yachiyo, Iroha & Sana CarVac
Chapter 9 Iroha, Sana, Yachiyo, Momoko, Everyone, Mifuyu, Mikadzuki CarVac Youtube
Chapter 10 Youtube:

(1) (2)(3) (4)(5)(6) (7) (Epilogue)

Arc 2

Chapter Community TL Link & Translator NA Version Link
Prologue Pastebin Yon
Chapter 1 2.1.1 Yon
Chapter 2

Another Story

Chapter Community TL Link & Translator NA Version Link
Chapter 2 Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Chapter 3 Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Chapter 4 Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Chapter 5 A5.1, A5.2, A5.3 CarVac Youtube
Chapter 6 A6.1, A6.2, A6.3, A6.4 CarVac Youtube
Chapter 7 A7.1, A7.2, A7.3, A7.4, A7.5 CarVac
Chapter 8 A8.1, A8.2, A8.3, A8.4 CarVac
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

Arc 2

Chapter Community TL Link & Translator NA Version Link
Chapter 2

Mirrors Story

Chapter Community TL Link & Translator NA Version Link
Floor 1-6 Pastebin u/some_translationanon Wikia
Youtube: (Fl. 1), (Fl. 2), (Fl. 3), (Fl. 4), (Fl. 5), (Fl. 6) Clione
Floor 7-11 Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Floor 12-16 Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Floor 17-20 Pastebin TFF
Floor 21-22
Floor 23-24
Floor 25-26
Floor 27-28
Floor 29-30
Floor 31-32
Floor 33-34
Floor 35-36

Magia Report

See Magia Report page for translated comics.

Event Stories

- Listed in JP server release order

Chapter Community TL Link & Translator NA Version Link
A Diary to Write With You Google Drive Chapter 1-10

Pastebin Chapter 11-15

TFF Youtube
Mitama's Special Training - Kyouko and Felicia Episode Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
And So The Azalea Blooms Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube (Playlist)
Magical Halloween Theater ~A magical girl troupe for a day~ Pastebin 1 2 u/some_translationanon Youtube
We Passed the First of That Day Pastebin (Summary of chapter 1 to 10) u/some_translationanon Youtube
Another Daze Youtube
Mitama's Special Training - Amane Sisters and Tsuruno Episode Reddit u/Hifumi39 Youtube
Pastebin (Partial summary) u/some_translationanon
The Crescent Moon Manor's Merry Christmas Pastebin u/Coldblade34 Youtube
Happy New Year at the Mizuna Shrine! Pastebin u/Coldblade34 Youtube
Mitama's Special Training - Iroha and Yachiyo Episode Pastebin CarVac Youtube
À La Carte​ Valentine ~Delivering Everyone's Feelings~ Kaname Madoka: Incomplete Youtube
Miki Sayaka: Incomplete Youtube
Eri Aimi: Incomplete Youtube
Miyako Hinano: Youtube (subs)
osakaki Youtube
Akemi Homura (Megane ver.): Youtube (subs) Rieko Youtube
Togame Momoko: Incomplete Youtube
Isuzu Ren: Youtube (subs) RYFW Youtube
Amane Tsukasa: Youtube (subs) RYFW Youtube
Futaba Sana: Pastebin u/coldblade34 Youtube
Tamaki Iroha: Youtube (subs) RYFW Youtube
The Chiming Bell that Transcends Time Pastebin (Summary): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 u/some_translationanon Youtube
Mitama's Special Training - Alina and Hinano Episode Pastebin osakaki -
Mitama's Special Training - Alina Gray - - Youtube
Bye Bye, See You Tomorrow Youtube (Playlist)
The Howa-Howa Girl Tries Her Best! Youtube
FM Kamihama Holy Radio Station Mangadex CarVac Youtube
Mitama's Special Training - Mitama Episode Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Cross Connection Wikia Stygaingrey (1 - 6)
HOOCCOOH (7 - 37)
A Voice From Beyond That Strokes the Ears YouTube
Mitama's Special Training - Rumor Tsuruno Episode Youtube Clione Youtube
Spurred to Separation Pastebin osakaki YouTube
Newbie Maid Carefree Kanagi Pastebin (Summary): Prologue, Ch 1-4, Ch 5-10, Ch 11-15, Ch 16-18, Ch 19-20 (End) u/some_translationanon YouTube
Mitama's Special Training - Akemi Homura Episode Youtube Clione Youtube
The Ribbon at the Beach


(1) (2)

Mitama's Special Training -Felicia Episode Youtube
The Crescent Moon Manor's Summer Vacation


(1) (2)

And From Here On. "The Rumor of the Rumor of the Rumor" Youtube
Mitama's Special Training - Kaede Episode Puella Wiki (Summary) Sondenise
Chiaki Riko's It's Okay to Be Clumsy Youtube
Momoe Nagisa's Wish Was Granted Pastebin (Summary) Gabrielpapes Youtube
YouTube: 1-4, 5-7, 8-9, 10-13
Kamihama Cheese Panic!
Whereabouts of the Feather Youtube
Alina Is Coming to Town ~White Christmas Rhapsody~ Youtube
Mitama and the Delicious New Year's Party Youtube
Mitama's Special Training - Asuka Episode Puella Wiki (Summary) Sondenise
Mitama's Special Training - Nanaka Episode Youtube
Beginning and Eternal [The Lost Record] Youtube
À La Carte Valentine 2nd ~What If That Girl Took the Lead Role On This Day?~ Anna Meru: Incomplete
Kurumi Manaka: Incomplete
Ayano Rika: Incomplete
Chiaki Riko: Incomplete
Yui Tsuruno: Incomplete
Sakura Kyouko: Pastebin Minunlike
Akino Kaede: Incomplete
Izumi Kanagi: Incomplete
Kisaki Emiri: Incomplete
Mitsuki Felicia: Incomplete
Tomoe Mami: Incomplete
Mitama's Special Training - Iroha Episode
Dreaming Sakura Youtube:

(1) (2)

Kamihama Rarity Star Mangadex Alina's Worst Artwork
Leaving the Nest Looking Skyward Youtube:

(1) (2)

Scattered Flowers Melancholy Chapter
Sayuki Steps Up! desuu~ Youtube (Playlist)
Magia Clash! ~Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation~ Youtube
The Ephemeral Summer Night Youtube:

(1) (2)

Rebels from the Land of Everlasting Night Youtube
SamaTore! The Summer Treasure that Disappeared into the Fire Youtube:


The Green Jasper Diviners Wikia HOOCCOOH
From New Breath
Otsukimi is After an Elegant Tea Party
Mitama's Special Training - Meiyui Episode
Crimson Resolve
Rumors in Disguise
Mitama's Special Training - Sunao Episode
Rondo of Oblivion Sleeps for Eternity
Mitama's Special Training - Shigure Episode
The Page I Write on the Holy Night
Happy New Year's First Festival! ~A Loving and Sincere Heart~
Mitama's Special Training - Emiri Episode
I'll Keep Waving at You
Warming Valentine Haruna Konomi: Incomplete
Minagi Sasara: Incomplete
Tatsuki Asuka: Incomplete
Kagami Masara: Incomplete
Awane Kokoro: Incomplete
The Mirror World Chocolatier Part 1
Mitama's Special Training - Hagumu Episode
Tracks of Cherry Blossom
Mitama's Special Training - Ao Episode
I, the Reincarnated Overlord, Magnificently Thwart "THEIR" Conspiracy!!
Trick-Trouble-School Festival
The Flower That Blooms in a Hollow Heart
End of a Legend, the Limits of Light
Mitama's Special Training - Sudachi Episode
Mixed Summer! ~The Phantom Best Shot~
Unknown Story ~The Midsummer Magic and Tomorrow's Memories~

Character Stories

- Listed in alphabetical order

Chapter Community TL Link & Translator NA Version Link
Aino Mito Youtube Clione Youtube
Akemi Homura Youtube Birdyroxas Youtube
Akemi Homura (Megane ver.) Google Drive SeungJin Baek Gamepress
Youtube Clione Youtube
Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.) Youtube
Akino Kaede Google Drive TFF Youtube
Alina Gray Pastebin CarVac Youtube
Amane Sisters (Mizugi ver.) Youtube
Amane Tsukasa Pastebin CarVac Youtube
Amane Tsukuyo Pastebin CarVac Youtube
Amano Suzune Pastebin t2stonerain Gamepress
Ami Ria Youtube Clione Youtube
Anna Meru Youtube Clione Youtube
Aoba Chika
Ashley Taylor - - Youtube
Awane Kokoro Pastebin osakaki Youtube
Ayano Rika Google Drive TFF Youtube
Youtube Clione
Azumi Hagumu
Azusa Mifuyu Pastebin CarVac Youtube
Chiaki Riko Youtube
Chitose Yuma Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Chizu Ranka
Chun Meiyui Wikia HOOCCOOH Youtube
Corbeau Youtube
Elisa Celjska Youtube
Eri Aimi Youtube Clione Youtube
Fate T. Harlaown Gamepress
Fumino Sayuki Youtube
Futaba Sana Pastebin u/some_translationanon Gamepress
Haruna Konomi Pastebin u/Coldblade34 Youtube
Hibiki Meguru
Hiiragi Nemu Youtube
Hinata Matsuri
Hiroe Chiharu
Holy Alina Youtube
Holy Mami Pastebin CarVac Youtube
Hozumi Shizuku Pastebin u/Coldblade34 Youtube
Ibuki Reira Youtube:
(Ch.1) (Ch.2) (Ch.3)
Clione Youtube
Iroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.)
Isuzu Ren Google Drive TFF Youtube
Pastebin username9999
Izumi Kanagi Pastebin CarVac Youtube
(Ch 1) (Ch 2) (Ch 3)
Awfully Fawfully
Kagami Masara Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Youtube Clione
Kaharu Yuuna
Kanade Haruka
Kaname Madoka Google Drive Azure BlueFlames Gamepress

Kaname Madoka (Haregi Ver.)

(Ch.1) (Ch.2) (Ch.3)
Thewhitefluffyhat Youtube
Kasane Ao
Kazumi Youtube
Kira Temari
Kirari Hikaru
Kisaki Emiri Youtube Clione Youtube
Komachi Mikura
Kozue Mayu Youtube Clione Gamepress
Kumi Seika Youtube Clione Youtube
Kure Kirika Youtube
Kuro - - -
Kurumi Manaka Youtube Clione Youtube
Livia Medeiros
Madoka-senpai Youtube Clione Youtube
Maki Kaoru Youtube
Makino Ikumi Youtube Clione Youtube
Mao Himika Youtube
Mariko Ayaka Youtube Clione Youtube
Megumi Moka
Melissa de Vignolles Youtube Clione Gamepress
Midori Ryou Youtube Clione Youtube
Mihono Seira
Miki Sayaka Pastebin:
(Ch 1) (Ch 2) (Ch 3)
Minunlike Gamepress
Miki Sayaka (Haregi ver.)
Mikuni Oriko Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Youtube u/some_translationanon
Mikuri Ayame Youtube Clione Youtube
Minagi Sasara Pastebin u/Coldblade34 Youtube
Youtube Clione
Minami Rena Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Misaki Umika Pastebin u/Coldblade34 Youtube
Misono Karin Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Mitsuki Felicia Pastebin u/some_translationanon Gamepress
Miyabi Shigure
Miyako Hinano Pastebin osakaki Youtube
Mizuki Rui
Momoe Nagisa Youtube
Momoe Nagisa (Valentine's ver.)
Nanami Yachiyo Pastebin u/some_translationanon Gamepress
Nanase Yukika
Narumi Arisa Youtube Clione Gamepress
Natsu Ryouko
Natsume Kako Pastebin u/some_translationanon Youtube
Youtube Clione
Rena-chan (Idol ver.)
Rena & Kaede (Mizugi ver.)
Rika & Ren (Christmas ver.)
Riz Hawkwood Gamepress
Rumor of the Ten Thousand Year Sakura
Rumor Tsuruno Youtube
Sakura Kyouko Pastebin u/some_translationanon Gamepress
Sakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.) Youtube
Sarasa Hanna
Sasame Yozuru
Satomi Touka Youtube
Sawa Sudachi
Shinobu Akira Youtube Clione Youtube
Shion Chisato Gamepress
Shizumi Konoha Pastebin CarVac Youtube
Suzuka Sakuya
Takamachi Nanoha Gamepress
Tamaki Iroha Pastebin u/some_translationanon Gamepress
Tamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.) Youtube
Tamaki Ui
Tart Gamepress
Tart (Final ver.)
Tatsuki Asuka Pastebin u/Coldblade34 Youtube
Togame Momoko Pastebin t2stonerain Youtube
Toki Sunao
Tokiwa Nanaka Google Drive Flamingsky Youtube
Tomoe Mami Pastebin u/some_translationanon Gamepress
Google Drive Flamingsky Youtube
Tomoe Mami (Mizugi ver.)
Ultimate Madoka Pastebin CarVac Youtube
Utsuho Natsuki Pastebin u/Some_translationanon Youtube
Youtube Clione
Wakana Tsumugi
Yagami Hayate Gamepress
Yakumo Mitama Pastebin CarVac Youtube
Yakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.) Youtube
Yayoi Kanoko Youtube Clione Youtube
Yui Tsuruno Pastebin u/Some_translationanon Gamepress
Yuki Maria
Yukino Kanae Youtube
Yusa Hazuki Pastebin CarVac Youtube
Yuzuki Hotori
Yuzuki Rion

Costume Stories

- Listed in alphabetical order

Chapter Community TL Link & Translator NA Version Link
Akemi Homura (Megane ver.) Winter Clothes Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Youtube Clione
Akemi Homura (Megane ver.) Haregi Youtube Clione
Akino Kaede Swimsuit
Akino Kaede Winter Clothes
Alina Gray Swimsuit Tumblr Thefluffywhitehat
Amane Tsukasa Winter Clothes
Amane Tsukasa Christmas Clothes
Amane Tsukuyo Christmas Clothes
Amane Tsukuyo Winter Clothes
Anna Meru Winter Clothes
Awane Kokoro Private Clothes
Awane Kokoro Swimsuit
Awane Kokoro Winter Clothes
Ayano Rika Winter Clothes
Azusa Mifuyu School Uniform Pastebin Youtube Alina's Worst Artwork
Azusa Mifuyu Swimsuit
Chiaki Riko Winter Clothes
Eri Aimi Winter Clothes
Fumino Sayuki Swimsuit
Futaba Sana Winter Clothes
Futaba Sana Haregi
Futaba Sana Swimsuit Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Haruna Konomi Winter Clothes
Hiiragi Nemu Swimsuit
Hozumi Shizuku Halloween Costume
Isuzu Ren Private Clothes Pastebin TFF
Isuzu Ren Winter Clothes Pastebin TFF
Youtube Clione
Isuzu Ren Swimsuit Pastebin TFF
Youtube Clione
Izumi Kanagi Maid Clothes
Izumi Kanagi Winter Clothes
Izumi Kanagi Swimsuit
Kagami Masara Private Clothes
Kagami Masara Swimsuit Youtube Clione
Kagami Masara Winter Clothes
Kaname Madoka Winter Clothes
Kaname Madoka Swimsuit Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Youtube Clione
Kasane Ao Swimsuit
Kirari Hikaru Swimsuit
Kisaki Emiri Winter Clothes
Kisaki Emiri Christmas Clothes
Kurumi Manaka Cook Coat
Makino Ikumi Maid Clothes
Mariko Ayaka Halloween Costume
Miki Sayaka Winter Clothes Youtube Clione
Miki Sayaka Swimsuit Youtube Clione
Minami Rena Christmas Clothes
Minami Rena Swimsuit
Minami Rena Winter Clothes
Minagi Sasara Winter Clothes
Misono Karin Swimsuit
Mitsuki Felicia Halloween Costume Youtube Clione
Mitsuki Felicia Haregi
Mitsuki Felicia Swimsuit
Mitsuki Felicia Winter Clothes
Miyako Hinano Winter Clothes Pastebin osakaki
Youtube Clione
Miyako Hinano Swimsuit Pastebin osakaki
Momoe Nagisa Swimsuit
Nanami Yachiyo Haregi
Nanami Yachiyo School Uniform Youtube Clione
Nanami Yachiyo Swimsuit Youtube Clione
Natsume Kako Halloween Costume
Sasame Yozuru Swimsuit
Sakura Kyouko Halloween Costume
Sakura Kyouko Swimsuit
Sakura Kyouko Winter Clothes
Satomi Touka Swimsuit
Shinobu Akira Christmas Clothes
Tamaki Iroha Swimsuit Youtube Clione
Tamaki Iroha Christmas Clothes
Tamaki Iroha Winter Clothes Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Tamaki Iroha Maid Clothes Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Tamaki Iroha Haregi
Tamaki Ui Swimsuit
Tatsuki Asuka Winter Clothes
Togame Momoko Winter Clothes
Togame Momoko Swimsuit
Tomoe Mami Swimsuit Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Tomoe Mami Winter Clothes
Utsuho Natsuki Halloween Costume
Yakumo Mitama Private Clothes
Yakumo Mitama Swimsuit
Yui Tsuruno Christmas Clothes
Yui Tsuruno Swimsuit
Yui Tsuruno Haregi
Yui Tsuruno Winter Clothes


- Listed in release order

Chapter Community TL Link & Translator NA Version Link
Kamihama Happiness Express
(2017 Christmas)
Pastebin u/Coldblade34 Youtube
Please! God of Mizuna!
(2018 New Year)
Pastebin u/Coldblade34
Valentine's Cheer
(2018 Valentine's Day)
Youtube Clione Youtube
The Heroine Is Always Me!
(2018 Ami Ria's Debut)
Youtube Clione Youtube
A Peaceful Day In New Crescent Moon Manor
(300 Days Since Release)
Pastebin CarVac Youtube (playlist)
The Goddess and the Mysterious Record
(2018 Anniversary)
Pastebin CarVac Youtube
We Invite You to a Delightful Halloween!
(2018 Halloween)
Pastebin u/some_translationanon
Twin Santa's Illusion
(2018 Christmas)
New Year Lucky Dream
(2019 New Year)
Don't Go Valentine
(2019 Valentine's Day)
2019 Golden Week
Ichi Curry and 10 Spices Crisis
(Curry House CoCo ICHIBANYA Collaboration)
Ring around Kamihama
(2nd Anniversary Campaign)
Will You Smile? Halloween Live Show!
(2019 Halloween)

Kamihama Kawaii Collection
(2020 Ashley Taylor release)

- - Youtube

(1) (2) (3) (4)(5) (6) (7)

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