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  • Excellent HP and very good ATK
  • Passive Status Ailment Resistance Up EX skill trivializes or simplifies many encounters
  • Powerful "omni-boosting" Magia
  • Exceptional defensive Connect
  • Not the best ATK or discs for pure offense
  • Not the best defensive stats for a pure tanking role
  • Focus on team support makes her subpar for quick clears
When utilized properly, Ultimate Madoka easily lives up to the distinction of being the first Ultimate character ever released. She has the stat distribution and toolkit to flex to nearly any role that a team might need. While her damage output will never top that of a slotted and properly built Tart (or other Blast character), her solid base ATK stat still lets her perform well with offensive memoria like Kyubey Knight Breaking Through. Her bulk, though again inferior to that of a dedicated tank like Kokoro or Sana, is still respectable enough to let her sponge damage with some Guardian or Taunt Memoria. At the core of her diverse strengths, Ultimate Madoka is a powerful support character. Her entire kit, from her EX Skill to her Connect to her Magia, is focused on empowering her teammates, allowing them to reach their fullest potential. For instance, her powerful Status Ailment Resistance Up EX skill can free up Memoria slots for allies who might otherwise be forced to run Everlasting Light or This Is the Fragrance of Love against a Bind-spamming boss. These slots can then be used to run superior offensive or defensive Memoria instead. Ultimate Madoka's very existence on a team makes status-spamming enemies much easier to handle. Her Magia is straightforward and provides a noticeable team-wide boost to ATK, Blast, Accele, Charge, and Damage Cut. It helps everyone with everything! The only subtlety here is that it's almost always better to use her Magia twice in succession instead of using her Doppel, because all of the bonuses stack. Using the Magia twice essentially doubles all the buffs for the next two turns and accrues gigantic stat boosts for the team. Consider not unlocking her doppel; raising her Episode level to 5 without completing her Doppel quest allows her to reach 200 MP and cast two regular Magias on successive turns. Ultimate Madoka's Connect is the most interesting part of her toolkit. Its unique combination of effects is carefully crafted to ensure an ally's survival while negating the traditional counters to the Survive buff. Ordinarily, Survive is countered by Curse, as a Cursed character will fail to heal and subsequently die to Curse damage. Ultimate Madoka's connect, however, immediately removes Curse (and any other status ailments) from the targeted character and prevent them from being re-afflicted as well. In other words, any character that she connects to is guaranteed to survive the next turn (unless a boss has Status Ailment Resistance Down) -- an asset that essentially no other unit in the game can bring. While Ultimate Madoka lacks Spirit Enhancement, her great overall utility helps keep her competitive even alongside characters who became numerically superior. Outside of JP, Spirit Enhancement hasn't been released yet, making her stat lineup among the best in the game. She is not, and likely will never be, the best in either a pure offensive or defensive role, but play to her unique strengths and she will accomplish what no other Magical Girl can.


  • Incredible Connect (nearly) guarantees a team member's survival
  • Highly impactful Magia for Accele teams
  • Passive Status Ailment Resistance Up counters many Memoria and Spirit Enhancements
  • Middling DEF stat allows for flexible AI manipulation
  • Suffers somewhat from being good all around, but not the best in most areas
  • Easily broken through by numerous powerful Dark-attribute characters
Ultimate Madoka's main contributions to a Mirrors team are summarized above. Her Survive connect, just like in PVE, essentially guarantees the target's survival until the next turn. This can be used for powerful AI manipulation tactics that both ensure the survival of frailer characters and bait the AI into wasting attacks on targets that can't die. Since the mirrors AI always focuses characters with the lowest DEF, connecting to your lowest DEF team member with Ultimate Madoka will ensure that they survive the next round of attacks; forcing the opponent to waste up to two hits this way can swing the momentum drastically in your favor. The only counter to this connect is to apply Curse after applying Status Ailment Resistance Down; while the former is commonly obtained from memoria like Magical Halloween Theater and Their Connected Destination, the latter is much, much rarer to encounter, so in practice, a successful Survive proc is overwhelmingly likely. On top of this, of course, the Connect also gives a sizable 40% Damage Up. This pales in comparison to the best offensive connects (such as Nanaka's behemoth of a Connect); however, the effect is still quite noticeable and can help to secure kills. On Accele teams specifically, Ultimate Madoka's Magia provides powerful team support. A strong team-wide Accele MP Gain Up and Damage Cut give teammates the time and leeway to charge their own Magias. (Teams not focused on Accele rarely find the opportunity to use any Magia in mirrors.) Finally, passive Status Ailment Resistance Up through Ultimate Madoka's EX skill can significantly turn the tides of a Mirrors battle. For instance, the normally very threatening Bind chance of My Victory Pose Is Kawaii Too is entirely nullified by her Status Ailment Resistance. Spirit Enhancement gives many characters the ability to inflict status as well, such as Karin's passive Dazzle chance or Alina's passive Poison and active Strengthened Poison abilities. All of these abilities are either partially or fully counteracted by Ultimate Madoka's EX skill. As killing her does not negate her EX skill, Ultimate Madoka is one of the very few characters who can contribute to a team even after death.


  • Ultimate Madoka was the first character to receive a 2nd Magia in lieu of a "Doppel". While still displayed as a Doppel in game, no rune is displayed during its performance, nor is there any description in the archives.

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