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Magia Record English Wiki
[JP] 思いがけないリアクション
[NA] An Unexpected Reaction
Memoria 1137 c.png
Illustrator: Kanipanda (かにぱんだ)
Can be used by: All
Obtainability: Reaching a New Best Day
Rarity: ✵✵✵
Min/Max HP: 632 ➜ 1580
Min/Max ATK: 0 ➜ 0
Min/Max DEF: 572 ➜ 1430
Max lvl: 40
Memoria ID: 1137


Magia Damage Up.png Magia Up
Normal Effect (Cooldown: 5 turns)
Magia Damage Up [VII / 20%] (Self / 1 Turn)
Fully Ascended Effect (Cooldown: 4 turns)
Magia Damage Up [VIII / 22.5%] (Self / 1 Turn)


I'd make lunch for you anytime, just to see that rare expression on your face. When you're done eating, it's time to fold the lunchbox and pack it up. My backpack feels lighter now that you're here. Let's keep walking, together!

If I can see such a rare expression, I would like to
make bentos again and again.
After eating up the self-confident work, I fold the lunchbox into the backpack. With you side by side... I carry the luggage on my back, felling it gets lighter, and, let's move on again.


  • Each Memoria equipped grants a bonus "Mitama's Special Energy Drinks" amount each battle for the "Reaching a New Best Day" event.
    • Normal: Gain 2 Bonus "Mitama's Special Energy Drinks".
    • Max Limit Break: Gain 5 Bonus "Mitama's Special Energy Drinks".