This is a compiled list of useful resources for a MagiReco player, from beginners to veterans.

Link Description
Reddit The English subreddit for Magia Record.
Gamepress Wiki primarily based around the NA release of Magia Record, but with helpful information for JP as well.
MagiReco Friends A wonderful site for finding supports. Allows you to set your own supports and search for other users via parameters such as support magical girls, memoria, level, etc. Available in Japanese and English.
Material Drop List This spreadsheet shows ideal battles for farming every item, and it is continuously updated with new data from the community.
Reddit New Player Guide A very complete guide for beginners that covers all the basic aspects of the game, including terminology, gameplay, and explanations of many parts of the game's system.
Memoria Equip Guide This guide explains how to equip memoria to your magical girls, including the new loadout system for saving your builds.
Compatibility List MagiReco's officially supported phones. Note that other phones that are unlisted may still be able to run the game.
マギアレコード攻略wiki(マギレコwiki) Aruma wiki in Japanese.
Magia Record Chinese Wiki See Help for Non-Chinese Speakers for English navigation
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