Come on, let's talk about crossovers!

My name is Dschehuti, also named Toth (like the Egyptian god of knowledge). I'm obsessed with intelligently written stories (especially those written by Ryukishi07), but loath egregious fanservice. I am playing Magireco since around the time Sayaka was released, so I missed quite a bunch of events. I also seem to have insanely good luck in this game, of which I am definitely not complaining.^^

My main goal here essentially boils down to collecting the original main cast. That I have achieved on both JP and NA. Now I am using JP only to scout ahead whether Homucifer appears one day, while on NA I'm playing to read the story and not much else.

Still have a lot of room for more friends, so here is my JP ID: fZjsSjK5

Hand here is my NA ID, though with sparse room for friends: b7aWfRj7

Happy Witch hunting! And don't let yourself get cut down by a Red Truth! *cackle* *cackle*

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