Update: this time of year is proving to be very busy for several of the main contributors, so there me be some delays in dealing with new, missing, or reported content. We will get to it, but it may take a few days until someone how the time. Please be patient with us!

List of various things that have ben discussed/flagged/etc. and various WIPs that need doing around here. Feel free to lend a hand, tag something as complete if already done.

P.S. snippets of handy copy-pasta code may be stowed in the source of this page.

Reported Content

Errors/Missing content reported/not yet fixed

  • Damage Calculation - WIP - page has been mentioned a few times as potentially incorrect or at the least confusing and could do with a rewrite. A "simplified" splash page has been created which appears to have made it less confusing, but ideally this can still do with being looked at.
  • Events - WIP - a number have been noted as incomplete. Due to how many there are/lack of saved info it's impractical to update all in one go. General practice at this stage is to revamp with the new formats and add missing information as they get released/announced on NA, with touching up being down as and when time permits.

To Be Added

Stuff that's missing that is missing that no has gotten around to changing to not missing.

  • Arc 2 Content
    • Spirit Enhancement - Although the data is available and is ready, in order to implement these a number of the scripts require a significant rewrite. We normally bribe/bully TFF into doing the script work on the wiki, however everyone is a bit busy right now so it's on hold until time permits.
    • Promised blood character song
  • Last Magia event
  • Quests - WIP. Loads missing from Main Story, Another Story, and Events. Miklosaron is slowly plowing through these but currently on hiatus.


Mainly updating stuff to be more NA-friendly

  • Memoria names - WIP. Current approach is to create a redirect page with the NA name that redirects to the existing community TL page, and add the NA name to the infobox.
  • Skills and Status Effects - WIP. Rewriting each effect page with new format that shows both names. Not yet decided on what to do re showing NA names on the main skills page. Completed everything except Granted Effects.
  • Items - WIP. A bit up for debate whether or not to rename item pages, however there's a good chance a lot of things will break if they are renamed. Images have been renamed and the Items page shows the official NA names which may be sufficient for now as the original JP is also shown. Possibly create a new format or change the template for the item pages to include an NA name field somewhere?

Requested Content

  • Memoria on Magical Girl's pages - may add these to the Trivia page when time permits

Event Templates

Model events off these for the latest format.

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