List of various things that have ben discussed/flagged/etc. and various WIPs that need doing around here.

Want to discuss or help with something listed (or not listed) here? Drop in to the #fandom-wiki channel on Discord, or leave a comment here or on the page in question.

New Content

  • Events - in general, new event pages may take a day or two to put together. This is dependant on how busy contributors are, as not only do we have to build the pages, but also play through the event first and obtain relevant images.
  • Magical Girls - as with Events, new Magical Girls can take a few days for the relevant data to be gathered and pages to be built. Voice files in particular may take a week or more to upload - these are very time consuming to gather, convert, and upload!
  • Memoria - Memoria is a lot harder to gather info for due to changes in datamining. As such full Memoria info may not be available for some time after release.
    • Players can help us out with this by providing screenshots of Memoria. 3* Gacha Memoria in particular would be appreciated as these are the hardest to obtain.

Reported Content

Errors/Missing content reported/not yet fixed

  • Damage Calculation - WIP - page has been mentioned a few times as potentially incorrect or at the least confusing and could do with a rewrite. A "simplified" splash page has been created which appears to have made it less confusing, but ideally this can still do with being looked at. At this stage there simply isn't the time to redo this page due to the numerous calculations involved. Of note, Discord member Razielim has created a Youtube video covering this topic.
    • Possible solution for this would be to dismantle the page entirely and redirect to Raz's video or one of the datamine sites
  • Events - WIP - a number have been noted as incomplete. Due to how many there are/lack of saved info it's impractical to update all in one go. General practice at this stage is to revamp with the new formats and add missing information as they get released/announced on NA, with touching up being down as and when time permits or if requested. Templates have been created for the main event types which appears to be speeding up this process somewhat and making pages more uniform overall
  • Memoria Tier List - Yes, the Memoria Tier List has not been updated in some time. Unfortunately there are now over 400 Memoria with 150+ 4* cards alone, meaning it is no longer really practical to rank every card, and the main contributor behind this list has retired. This page may be revisited in the future though currently there does not appear to be massive demand - currently archived
  • Magical Girl Tier List - This is another list that is grossly outdated despite attempts to keep it afloat. Discussions will need to be held on what to do with it. Possible alternatives include:
    • moving character analysis with pros/cons to the individual character pages, doing away with "tiering" entirely
    • creating separate lists for each server to reflect different metas
    • creating separate lists for PVP and PVE
    • creating "recommended" lists instead of trying to tier every character
    • a combination of the above
    • anything else anyone can think of...
  • Videos - These are missing for a number of new characters, and have a habit of breaking for old ones.
    • In a nutshell, rather than uploading videos direct to Wikia, we have historically embedded videos provided by the community on Youtube. Unfortunately these sometimes get taken down or replaced, resulting in dead videos. Ideally we would like to add the videos diretly to Wikia but this method is far more time-efficient.
    • For now, please continue to report dead videos to us and they will be replaced.

To Be Added

Stuff that's missing that no has gotten around to changing to not missing.

  • Arc 2 Content
    • Spirit Enhancement - There is no plan at the moment on what to do re SE required items as it would involve a major overhaul of our assorted scripts; this is not helped by the recent change in actual requirements. There is a website available for those who want to see individual trees which is linked to on the SE page.
  • Quests - Not actively being worked on for JP due to staff hiatus - some being updated for NA as and when released, mainly for events. Again, very time consuming.
    • Main Story/Another Story/MSS quest data is available, it's just finding the time to create these pages.


Mainly updating stuff to be more NA-friendly

  • Memoria names - Current approach is to create a redirect page with the NA name that redirects to the existing community TL page, and add the NA name to the infobox.
  • Items - WIP - a new items template has been created, please contribute NA names if available. The main Items page has been revamped, the individual pages need tidying up
    • Scripts are not working properly on individual item pages due to differences in JP and NA names.
  • Enemies - on the to-do list
  • There are some consistency errors that need to be ironed out now such as Event names, item name, image names etc. These naturally occur over time due to the nature of wikis being worked on by multiple contributors.
    • Unfortunately, correcting some of the issues i.e. renaming images have a habit of breaking things elsewhere...
  • Quotes and Descriptions - thank you to the NA contributors who have helped with filling in the missing content!


  • Tutorial sections need tidying up - these were hurriedly thrown together back when TW server was still relatively new. Now that NA server also exits, these can most likely be cleaned up heavily.
  • External resources - there are now numerous resources outside the wiki supporting all the various communities; examples include the previously mentioned Spirit Enhancement grids and Raz's videos. With this in mind it may be worth dismantling some pages and redirecting them to external sources as a way to both open up the community and save time updating outdated/inaccurate pages.
    • Some sources need linking to anyone, such as NA server item drop lists.
  • Moving to another Wiki provider - it's not escaped our attention that some users dislike Fandom as a platform in general, paticularly in relation to its mobile site. We ourselves have encountered a few limitations as a result of using this platform. At this stage however there are no plans to move to another platform; not because we don't want to, but simply because it would take a huge amount of time and effort to migrate everything. We'll continue to consider our options on the matter, though.
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