Magia Archive Profile

  • Hometown: Sankyō Ward, Kamihama City (参京区)
  • Age: 14 (Middle School 2nd Year)
  • Height: 157 cm
  • Weapon: Baton
  • Ability: Cheering
  • Soul Gem Location: Belt

Side Story

While fighting a Witch with Shinobu Akira and Akino Kaede, Natsuki finds herself in a precarious situation. Natsuki cheers Kaede on to make the finishing blow, and the three hang out afterwards. Nastuki tells them the story of how she became a Magical Girl. She and her brother used to be on a baseball team, but she was forced to quit due to being a girl. She tried to find other ways to participate, eventually becoming an equipment manager and cheerleader. One day, her brother gets sick right before a championship game, so she wishes for him to get better. Although his team loses, she doesn't regret it. While she can no longer be a part of the team, she's fulfilled by her new roles; however, she's insecure about being left behind as they grow up and go their separate ways. Even still, she wishes the best for everyone's future.

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