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[JP] 八雲 みかげ




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Illustrator: Punyan (ぷにゃん)

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Illustrator: Imoan (いもあん)

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Growth Type



Daitō School

Voice Actor

Shindou Amane (進藤あまね)


Punyan (ぷにゃん)

Personal Memoria

Magic for Less Than 1000 Yen

Release Date

[JP] 2020-11-16



4★ 6,294 ➜ 22,658 1,899 ➜ 6,836 1,734 ➜ 6,242
5★ 7,104 ➜ 28,416 2,122 ➜ 8,488 1,931 ➜ 7,724
SE 28,416 ➜ 33,648 8,488 ➜ 10,489 7,724 ➜ 10,332



A Magical Girl trying to erase her older sister’s resentment towards Kamihama City. Although she often marches to the beat of her own drum, she has an innocent and likeable nature. She can be often seen playing alone in candy shops and parks, but many of her friends she would consider her best friends. She’s good at begging.

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Max Stat Bonuses

HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge
4★ +8% +5% +5% +8% +4% +4%
5★ +9% +6% +6% +9% +5% +5%

Spirit Enhancement Effects and Skill

Icon Effect Name Effect Description
Doppel Damage Up.png Doppel Adept [III] Doppel Damage Up [III / 15%] & Magia Damage Up [I / 5%]
MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP.png MP Boost [II] MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP [II / 20%]
Doppel Damage Up.png Doppel Adept [IV] Doppel Damage Up [IV / 20%] & Magia Damage Up [II / 7.5%]
MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP.png MP Boost [II] MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP [II / 20%]
Skill Quicken.png Skill Quick [II] Chance to Skill Quicken [II / 10%]
Magia Damage Up.png Magia Adept [II] Magia Damage Up [II / 7.5%]
Anti-Magia Seal.png Anti-Magia Seal Anti-Magia Seal [100%]
Accele Damage Cut.png Astral Shield [III] Accele Damage Cut [II / 10%] & Magia Damage Cut [III / 15%]
Accele MP Gain Up.png Accele Adept [III] Accele MP Gain Up [III / 15%]
Anti-Skill Seal.png Anti-Jammer Anti-Skill Seal [100%]
MP Gauge Increased On Battle Start.png Fast Mana Up MP Gauge Increased On Battle Start [10% full]
Damage Cut.png Shield Adept [II] Damage Cut [II / 10%]
Chance to Charm on Attack.png Charm Edge [II] Chance to Charm on Attack [II / 15%] (1 Turn)
Defense Down.png ダークフォール [III] Dark Defense Down [III / 18%] (One / 3 Turns) & Defense Down [III / 15%] (One / 3 Turns) Cooldown: 10 Turns


Attack Up.png [JP] ミィが手伝ったげよっか?
Attack Up VII / 35%IX / 40%
MP Restore 27.5 MP32.5 MP
Chance to Charm on Attack 100%100%


Stats shown are at Magia level 1, increasing with the scaling for each Magia level gained.

Damage One Enemy.png [JP] 今だけ悪い子!
★★★★★★★★★ Scaling
Damage One Enemy V / 1088%VII / 1152% 10%
Attack Up All / 3 Turns / 25%All / 3 Turns / 30% 2.5%
Damage Up All / 3 Turns / 25%All / 3 Turns / 30% 2.5%


Casuarius Casuarius Casuarius
Doppel of Temper
Hina Bird Shaped
Doppel Effects
Damage One Enemy [IX / 2763.2%] & Attack Up (All / 45% / 5 Turns) & Damage Up (All / 45% / 5 Turns) & Burn (One / 100% / 3 Turns)
Draft: f4samurai, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)



The Doppel of tantrums. Its form is a chick. The master of this emotion has a strong heart that is not easily shaken, but the one thing that frustrates her is her own youth. Since she and her Doppel are similar in this regard, she cannot bring herself to like it. This young Doppel likewise hates itself, as it hasn’t yet matured enough to freely control its limbs, and is incapable of doing anything besides beg for food. As such, it’s irritated by its master’s own youth as well. It builds up stress from the moment it’s born, and relieves said stress via loud, constant chirping. But when its stress reaches its peak and explodes, the Doppel breaks free from its shell, leaping around wildly and leaving hideous scratch marks on everything in sight. When its master’s stress is added on top of that, the carnage is said to become even worse.

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