Yui Tsuruno Yui Tsuruno
Costume Name Yui Tsuruno (由比鶴乃)
Costume ID 100300
Obtainability Unlimited

Yui Tsuruno Pre-Transformation
Costume Name Pre-Transformation (変身前)
Costume ID 100301
Obtainability Unlimited

Yui Tsuruno Shadow
Costume Name Shadow (シャドウ)
Costume ID 100302
Obtainability Unobtainable

Yui Tsuruno Loungewear
Costume Name Loungewear (部屋着)
Costume ID 100303
Obtainability Unobtainable

Yui Tsuruno Christmas 2017
Costume Name Christmas 2017 (クリスマス2017)
Costume ID 100350
Obtainability The Crescent Moon Manor's Merry Christmas

Yui Tsuruno Swimsuit
Costume Name Swimsuit (水着)
Costume ID 100351
Obtainability The Crescent Moon Manor's Summer Vacation

Costume Name Haregi
Costume ID
Obtainability Mitama and the Delicious New Year's Party

Costume Name Winter Clothes
Costume ID
Obtainability À La Carte Valentine 2nd ~What If That Girl Took the Lead Role On This Day?~

Yui Tsuruno PAPA Tsuruno
Costume Name PAPA Tsuruno (PAPA_鶴乃)
Costume ID 100388
Obtainability Unlimited

Also see Rumor Tsuruno/Costumes.

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