Magical Girl

自己紹介⓵ - Self Introduction 1
[JP] あたしが小さい頃、両親が死んじゃったんだ。旅行中の事故でね。そっから1人っきりでしょ。んで、親戚中たらい回しにされて、やっと落ち着いたのが「つつじの家」っていう孤児院でさ。でも、それなりにラッキーだったと思うよ。新しい家族もできたしね。
[NA] My parents died when I was still young. It was a car accident during a trip... I was left all on my own. My relatives passed me around, and eventually I ended up in an orphanage called the Azalea House... But that turned out to be my lucky break! I found a whole new family!

自己紹介⓶ - Self Introduction 2
[JP] ん?アタシ?あぁ、遊佐葉月。どもども、よろしくね~。えーと~、そうだなー、あ、何か飲む?おごるよ。コーヒーとかでいい?
[NA] Huh... me? Oh, I’m Hazuki Yusa. Nice to meet you! Uh... ah, right, would you like to get something to drink? My treat. You want coffee or something?

Personal Story

Story Chapter End 1
[NA] Nanaka Tokiwa... She’s so pretty, and super composed...

Story Chapter End 2
[NA] We finally found an answer that suits everyone! Time to get started...

Story Chapter End 3
[NA] Well, we took care of the Witch, so let’s just call it a success!

Story Select 1
[JP] この家の料理長は、アタシでしょ
[NA] I’m the chef in this house.

Story Select 2
[JP] アタシだからってそんなに警戒しないでよ
[NA] Hey, it’s just me. No need to have your guard up.

Story Select 3
[JP] まーまー、ちょっとは肩の力抜こうよ
[NA] Hey now, relax those shoulders, okay?

Story Select 4
[JP] アタシたちはここで暮らしたいだけだよ
[NA] We just want to keep living here.

Story Select 5
[JP] クラゲみたいにフワフワ漂っていたいよね
[NA] I just want to drift around, like a jellyfish.

Story Select 6
[JP] それでもアタシたちは家族だから…
[NA] We’re still family, no matter what.

Unused 1
[JP] 生きてりゃ面白いこともあるでしょーよ


強化完了 - Strengthening Complete
[JP] ま、とりあえずこんなもんかな〜悪くない感じじゃないの
[NA] Well, this should be fine for now. Not too bad, right?

強化(Lv最大時) - Strengthening Max
[JP] おーこれこれ、うん分かるよー結構きてる感じ。あるね〜
[NA] There we go! Yeah, that’s right. I’m really feeling it.

エピソードLvアップ - Episode Lvl Up
[JP] 隠し扉が開いたってとこかな〜。ま、とにかく先いこうよ
[NA] It’s like... a hidden passage just opened. Anyway, let’s keep going!

魔力解放 - Magical Release 1
[JP] 誰かと交渉するとき、相手の気持ちが頑なな場合は、どうにかしてちょっとの隙間を作るんだ。閉められそうなドアに足突っ込む感じかな。
[NA] When I’m negotiating with someone and they’re the stubborn type, I try to make some kind of opening in the conversation... kinda like getting your foot in a closing door.

魔力解放 - Magical Release 2
[JP] 交渉ごとで突破口が見えたら、あえてハードル高めの要求をするんだ。で、頃合いを見て下げると、案外すっと飲んでもらえるんだよねぇ。
[NA] Once I see a good opening in a negotiation, I always come in with a really high-stakes request. Then I lower it depending on their reaction... It makes it easier for them to swallow.

魔力解放 - Magical Release 3
[JP] 相手につけいる隙ができたら、そこをずっと抑え続けること。えげつないかもしれないけど、これが主導権を取るってことなんだ。
[NA] As soon as I find a weakness in my opponent, I won't leave it alone. Maybe that's playing dirty? That's what it takes to lead, though.

マギアLvアップ - Magia Lvl Up
[JP] 伝わってきてるよ。高まっているのが。しっかりとね。
[NA] Yeah, I can tell how I’m moving up. It’s crystal clear.

魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 1
[JP] は~いい気分だね。周囲の見え方が、ちょっと変わったかな。
[NA] Whew... That feels nice. Like I’ve got a new perspective!

魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 2
[JP] 両親が死別して、一人で生きていくことになってから、周囲の人をよく見るようになった。まず、このことが今に繋がってるね。
[NA] Ever since my parents died and I became an orphan, I started paying really close attention to how people around me act. Which leads us to this moment here.

魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Unused 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed


ログイン(初回ログイン時) - Login (First login)
[JP] あ〜きたね。元気〜?うん、こっちも適当にやってるよ。ま、そういう事だから、今日もゆる〜っとで、いいんじゃない?
[NA] Oh, you’re here. How’s it going? Yeah, I’m not too bad either. Anyway, let’s take it easy today, huh?

ログイン(朝) - Login (Morning)
[JP] うーん…あ〜…おはよー。あ〜でも無理…もうちょい寝るわ〜あたし、朝がすんごい苦手なの〜。ちょっとだけだから…ね…おやすみ…
[NA] Mmph... Oh... good morning... Nah, on second thought, I’m going back to sleep... I’m just really bad at waking up... Just give me... five more minutes...

ログイン(昼) - Login (Noon)
[JP] この時間だと〜。ま〜だイマイチ目が覚めてないんだよね〜。辛いものとか食べればシャキーンってなるかな〜。うーん、じゃあ、これ〜?担々麺〜?
[NA] I’m not totally awake at this time of day. I wonder if eating something spicy would wake me up. Maybe curry? Or hot noodles?

ログイン(夜) - Login (Evening)
[JP] さーて、ちょっとブラブラしてこようかな〜。あ、別に遊んでるわけじゃないから〜。いちおう、魔法少女としてのパトロール〜。兼、遊びね。
[NA] All right, I might go for a stroll around town... Oh, but not for fun, you know. It’s my Magical Girl patrol... and maybe just a little bit of fun!

ログイン(深夜) - Login (Night)
[JP] うーん…あ〜もう今日はダメかも〜宿題。とりあえず〜明日早起(お)きしてやろうかな〜。朝〜?大丈夫だって〜起きれるってば〜
[NA] Hm... I don’t think I’ll be getting my homework done today. Guess I’ll get up early tomorrow. What? Of course, I’ll be fine! I’m telling you, I can wake up, no problem!

ログイン(その他) - Login (Other)
[JP] 時間ってさ、ゆっくり流れてんだか、サーっと流れんだか、よくわかんないよねー。気持ちや状況で、感じ方が違ってくるのかなー?
[NA] I can never tell whether time is going slow or fast. It feels like both, you know? Maybe it depends on how you’re feeling and what’s happening.

ログイン(AP最大時) - Login (AP full)
[JP] 結局さ、1人がやれることなんて限られてんだよ。だから、あたしは自分の役割をはたすだけ。無理しても、それは自分じゃないから。
[NA] There’s only so much you can do by yourself. That’s why I focus on the role given to me. There’s no point overdoing something when it’s not your job, after all.

ログイン(BP最大時) - Login (BP full)
[JP] やれやれ〜戦うわけか〜。でも、だからといって、負けるつもりもないけどね〜。じゃ、こっちはいける感じだから。やろっか!
[NA] Geeze, I guess we gotta fight... But I don’t intend to lose, by the way. I’m ready to go, so let’s do it.

Unused 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

魔法少女タップ - Tap 1
[JP] なんとなくだけどさ、相手の気持ちを感じる時があるんだよね。でもまあ、ザックリだから、細かいところまでは分からないけど〜
[NA] Sometimes you can tell what another person is feeling, right? I mean, you can’t exactly. But you do get the gist of it.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 2
[JP] 天気のいい日にさ〜土手に座って〜何も考えないで、ず〜っとポケーっとかしてるのって最高だよね〜。頭空っぽにしてさ〜
[NA] When the weather’s nice, I like to sit on the river bank and completely zone out. Just stare off into space... It totally clears my head.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 3
[JP] あんまり疲れることはしないんだけど〜行列してる店とかは並んじゃうんだよね〜。どんだけ美味しいのか、気になって気になって
[NA] I don’t usually go out of my way for good food, but I don’t mind waiting in long lines at stores. I mean, I get excited just thinking about what tasty stuff they have!

魔法少女タップ - Tap 4
[JP] どうにもならない事ってあるでしょ?当たり前の話、それってつまり、どうにもならないわけだから、あんまり慌てない方がいいよ。
[NA] There are things in life that you just can’t do anything about, right? This is gonna sound obvious, but no reason to sweat it if you can’t make any difference.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 5
[JP] この街には、どのくらいの魔法少女がいるのかな〜?できれば、みなさん、お手柔らかに〜でお願いしたいけど。そうはいかないんだよね〜
[NA] I wonder how many Magical Girls there are in this town. It’d be great if they were all nice to me. But I guess that’s impossible...

魔法少女タップ - Tap 6
[JP] この世の中、厄介なのは表と裏があるってこと。表かと思えば、裏。そしてその逆もある。いちいち考えるのも面倒くさいから〜
[NA] There’re always two sides to every story. You think you always know which side you’re looking at, but sometimes it’s the opposite. Even just thinking about it is annoying...

魔法少女タップ - Tap 7
[JP] 神浜市にも面白そうな場所がいろいろとありそうだし、時間があれば歩き回るのも面白そうだね。今度、3人で行ってみよっかな。
[NA] I might take a walk around Kamihama when I have time. There seems to be lots of cool places here. Maybe all three of us can go together.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 8
[JP] アタシにとって、このはとあやめと三人で生き抜いていくことがすべてなんだ。悪いけど、それが何事においても、優先されるんだわ。
[NA] To me, surviving in this world with Konoha and Ayame is the most important thing. I’d put them first over anything else.

魔法少女タップ - Tap 9
[NA] I found it... the perfect seasoning combination! With this, I can make anything taste better!


クエスト開始 - Battle Start
[JP] んじゃ、さっさとはじめよっか!
[NA] Well, let’s get started then!

クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 1
[JP] よし、終わりっと!撤収~
[NA] And... finished! Cool, time to withdraw!

クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 2
[JP] まあ、負けられるわけないからね
[NA] Come on, I couldn’t possibly afford to lose.

クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 3
[JP] 勝った勝った~。いい感じじゃない? [Translation]

Unused 5
[JP] 悪いけど、ここじゃ止まれないんだよね


Disc Select 1
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Disc Select 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Disc Select 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Disc Select 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Targeting Ally With Connect Disc Select
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Targeted By Connect Disc Select From Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Attack 1
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Attack 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Attack 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Attack 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Attack 5
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Attack 6
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Attack 7
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Attack 8
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Attack 9
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Attack 10
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Magia 1 (Note: The lines used in the game varies; they are normally a mix of Magia and Attack voice lines.)
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Magia 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Magia 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Magia 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Doppel (Note: While most characters have Doppel sounds, this does not imply a release of the character's Doppel any time in the foreseeable future)
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Giving Connect Attack To Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Connect Attack Given From Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Actives on Self
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Actives on Allies
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Actives on Enemies
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Taking Damage
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Taking Damage While At Critical Health
[JP] Japanese quote needed

[JP] Japanese quote needed
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