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  • Hometown: Sankyō Ward, Kamihama City (参京区)
  • Age: 15 (Middle School 3rd Year)
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weapon: Hook Swords
  • Ability: Body Scan (instantly identify strong and weak points)
  • Soul Gem Location: Below her chest

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  • Hazuki is very bad with mornings, and feels sleepy even hours after waking up.
  • She seems to be able to somehow tell what the enemies are feeling, though she herself says she isn't sure whether she's right or not about it.
  • Her parents died in an accident when she was very little.
  • She seems to be bad with homework, saying "I will do them tomorrow morning", even though she knows she's most surely not going to wake up.
  • Hazuki is good at giving advice and her calm personality matches with her heartwarming way of thinking.


Yusa Hazuki Transform

Yusa Hazuki Transform


Yusa Hazuki Magia Video

Yusa Hazuki Magia Video

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