Enemy 7103 l.png Zabaii
Sandpit Witch's Minion
whose role is to play train
Type: Familiar
Witch/Rumor ID: 7103
Drop Item: Sandbox Shell.png Sandbox Scallop
Draft: f4samurai, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)

[JP] いつも手下同士でじゃれあって遊んでいる。体質のせいか転がって遊び回っていると、その辺に落ちているものが体にくっついてしまう。


[NA] These Familiars are always playing amongst themselves. A quirk of theirs is that as they roll around, all of the things on the ground stick to their bodies. As they do this their Witch collects the debris without them noticing. When their Witch is coming up with a plan for her next castle, they come to her aid. But soon they realize that it is impossible to satisfy her, no matter how hard they try, so they get bored and stray away.

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